Character Visualization Exercise no 71 : Arun’s Character


“U eat  undaa(egg)and drink also” Savitri queers with furry in her eyebrows.

Savitri born  in a well educated  feels like a alien towards these things .

Arun too could not accept her traditional  thinking and says “No” instantaneous.

Arun’s father Bhaskar Sharma feels sad and immediately leaves  Savitri house .

And without any fear Bhaskar Sharma throws his son’s and wife’s thing out  

On reaching  home ,Arun and Anu see vengeance  in his eyes and without any say they leave their house.

The concept  of “Home Sweet Home” has created  a bitter  taste in their  bile.

Immediately  after  this incident Arun faces huge  trauma.

On the other hand  ,Savitri  lists down the people who have refused  her. In that  very  list Arun ‘s name also appears.

Savitri  immediately decides not to check  him and leaves for Amsterdam .

2 months  pass by without  Arun or Savitri  being  in touch with their respective families .

Arun’s father Mr.Bhaskar Sharma  losses  hope of  his son’s  bright future with Savitri  

Slowly he get  back to his show time bussiness ,travelling  to Amsterdam  he sees Savitri teaching  in school  there .

Their  eyes meet up but they are not able  convey their  strong  emotions.

So their mouths  speak ,

“Hello Child” Bhaskar  says .

Hey Bhaskar  Uncle,what’s up” Savitri asks him casually.

“Fine Beta..” Mr. Bhaskar Sharma replies .

“Oh Great , chalo  then  can you leave  me and my class alone for  some time ” Savitri  queers  with nonchalantment.

Oh yeah  why not  , “Sorry  to disturb  u like this  I understand  for  you…. work is worship” he says and leaves for Paris for a lakme fashion  week where his company is sponsoring huge amounts of natural  make up set along with their  designer sarees  for the models  out there.

Seeing  Arun he feels pissed off as he never  revealed  his martial  status in public.

Kissing Chandra on her lips, he comments  “My daughter  Savitri  will get the best soul mate.

On hearing  this Arun  leaves  out of France  red faced and goes some other country.

But on seeing Savitri  there laughing  with her mother Chandra  he feels  bad for his impulsive decision and goes  forward towards  them to ask for  their  forgiveness.

Chandra ‘s husband  Rudraprasad do not accept  Arun’s  forgiveness , he instead hugs him.

Arun  could not understand  any thing from  Rudraprasad’s behaviour. But  he just simply smiles at them with  his soul searching for Savitri ‘s presence.

“Sit here”  comands  Rudraprasad pointing  his fingers  on the ground.  

Arun  quietly sits as per instructions provided without  arguing.

“Chandra  could  you please  call our angel”Rudraprasad asks her .

And with a brief nod she brings Savitri  down .

Savitri on seeing  Arun  freezes  and runs back to her room with  tears in her eyes.

Arun now you realise How you saying   ‘No’ then  has killed  her emotions now.

You  did not  accept her then  because  she has a traditional  thinking.

People  like you…. cannot accept  people who differently abled and fat  Rudraprasad thunders as if  he is “Lord Rudra”  himself

“Dad ….. I  mean….. uncle……aunty ……. I ….love  your daughter so very much that my  refusal  then brought  a down  fall in my life and that also  was due to my inbuilt fear of risking  myself over her but… I am willing to take her as my wife”Arun stats in a trembling  voice.

“Please leave Arun alone for a moment”Savitri shouts from up standing  at entrance of her room looking at  her father Rudraprasad with  puffed eyes .

Why? her father’s queers.

Because  you see a  honest man in Arun, Savitri says by raining dozen of kisses on his face ,neck and chest .

Arun ..responds to her  kisses  in same vigour.

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Character Visualization Exercise no 71 : Arun’s  Character
Character Visualization Exercise no 71 : Arun’s  Character


With Lots of Love,

Miiraaa and Vaasudev


Silent Samrat and Vasu’s Rudra


What is your  problem ?Shristi sneeringly questions her  uncle father Samrat .


We have a problem  ..Ananya (Shristi’s  not her biological mother thunders in dread ).


She (Sia) broke  our trust and friendship  over Kiara’s  family ,Ananya laments  


“Oh Ok so uncle Samrat  forced   my father her then boyfriend  Siddhant to come    on your  side for  your own selfish revenge, and…you are speaking  about true  love through  your  novels”Shristi says with irritation  mounting  her head.


Shristi  leaves her house  forever by saying  “I will   never come  to this family Mr.Siddhant Shah!”.


 One year later   Samrat on seeing  his  daughter  as a bride with Vasu’s family  especially  with her biological  mother Sia feels happy  for them .


During wedding Ananya  creates  drama in front  of the guests  and cameras.


Samrat pressing his lips on his wife and daughters cheeks roars by saying “DARE you say anything to my wife  Sia and my soul  parents”.


Ananya is shocked on hearing  his  words .


Dragging Shristi  out of wedding hall Samrat  asks her “Do you love Chintan Shah?”.


No b….but  now ‘YES’ She replies.


Looking at her father  Shristi  comments “Dad I have not meet  any other romantic  good  man  like you”.


Samrat kisses her forehead and nodes  at his soul parents Vasu and  Meera.


Meera looking at her husband Vasu says  “Bless your  grand-daughter”..


Vasu blesses Shristi,turning towards Samrat  he says ‘chalo  Rudra’.


Haan Pa, lets go…Samrat tells  him by looking  at  Meera who is trying  to play with Shristi ‘s temper tantrums.


Ananya does not  understand  where to hide  her face because Samrat/ Rudra never wanted Sia   have  any kind of relationship  with Ananya, as  Siddhant and Ananya already  destroyed  her happiness  by taking  away their only  child “Shristi” away  and so he bring  back Shristi  to his paradise  in order redeem his pledge  .


With Lots of Love,


Miiraa and Vaasudev


Character Visualization Exercise no 70 : Shrikant and Vinita


Photo Source :


* I am not promoting the author′s book here ,as  I love the color of book and eyes of hero and lips of the heroine so  have used it here as  a pic to narrate my story .


Pramila looks up at Vinita with a cursive glance as if asking her “What is happening in her life?”


“Nothing Ma” Vinita says and leaves for college.


Darn..maji purgi,”he who has hurt my daughter’s heart will definitely get a good from heart I swear” Pramila says punching her fist on her table .


Then looking at her husband she queers “Happy Now”.


“Mane toh kuch kabar nathii ki aa chokri mara prem ma  paadi ja jaase” ( I never thought that she will fall in love with me) Shrikant tells his mother painfully.


Grr….his mother grunts at her husband and goes out for her kitty party .


When Shrikant meets Vinita in their college campus Shrikant gives her  his piece of mind to her .


Slowly things worsen up in their lives forcing them separate .


Suddenly when Shrikant losses his parents in an aircrash near London his heart fails to take this shock .


At  the age of 25 he tries  giving  up his life for himself and others .


But one day he sees Vinita talking to her mother with cheer and laughter , Shrikant looking at them he  feels lost and helpless.


Slowly he starts crying with his face hidden in  between his thighs.


Later on he walks towards Vinita and Pramila  ,with great guts he utters the words that which has been buried inside his heart “ Ma…I now an orphan wants to marry your hard working daughter Vinita”and  lapses in silence.


Vinita is shocked to see Shrikant in this state and hugs him tightly .


Pramila too hugs from behind , Shrikant my child I lost a son who ekdam tamra jaeve hata


Ma you speak nice Gujarati like “The Gaekwads of Gujarat” Shrikant says  by laughing throatily and what beta? Pramila asks dropping a chain in his palms .


Vinita dropping her internal  resistance kisses him passionately by making her mother take a clue in about this situation and walks away peaceful.


Shrikant looking at her eternally groans at  Vinita and tells her “Let’s go home”and marches towards his house.


On reaching his residence she grabs his neck and sheds her zipper dress in one go and pulls his shirt out of his pants and unbuttons it .


Shirkant further pulls off her panties and bra ,she too removes his panties and touches his shaft .


Shrikant now touches her soft sex spot inginites it  and create restless in her .


“Please Release” Vinita requests him  and he obliges by entering her sweet sex spot by making her give him a powerful orgasm.


Kissing his lips passionately Vinita says “ Marry me by Gandhrava Rights Now ”.


He  placing a platinum band on her belly kisses it seductively in order an sexual tension.


Haan she moans by pulling his head towards him to give another passionate and long  kiss simultaneously their body kisses  by giving each other warmth.



Exhausted they sleep in each others arms forever until death.


“Dad”Shruti’s calls out and says “I would to meet this Author .


Vinita smiles at Shrikant with a wink .


With lots of Love,


Miraa and Vaasudev

Kartik, Devyani ,Rudra and Shoma ‘s M.I.L.A.N…

Photo Source :
Photo Source :

“Vasu….look na how Kartik ,Devyani ,Rudra and Shoma are fighting , is it  good for them to fight like this?” Meera impatiently queers in horror.


Vasu just smiles and pulls her back to the bed and hugs her from behind.


Enjoying his  body warm Meera doses off to sleep but the voices Kartik ,Devyani ,Rudra and Shoma does not subside for years.


“It’s their nature” Meera and Vasu feel.


But then  one day a strange in form of Inder and Aditi add petrol to their already ignited flames and this creates further dispute leading to dirty “D”.


Now that all of them are living  separately they  still are unhappy with themselves.Even though Kartik, Devyani ,Rudra and Shoma bring in their girlfriends and boyfriends. They are not happy with them since they are not what they are expected to be…


On the top of  that Kartik, Devyani Rudra and Shoma  Sex Life is  very strong ,but   their children hatred is evidently   poisonous for them and their future as their passionate encounters brust up in front of kids   .


They feel let down by their  loving resources.


Meera  feels sad for Kartik, Devyani ,Rudra and Shoma  when she peeps out of the  balcony  of her splendid villa .


On seeing them all shattered and broken ,she asks Vasu to go and help them.


Vasu turns her request  down by writing a big ‘NO’ in her palms .


On seeing the broken  pieces of  their relationship fallen down on the ground like bites of paper , it  pricks  Meera’s heart badly .


Feeling Fatigued she goes to sleep by saying “ To Hell with Kartik, Devyani Rudra and Shoma  fight because relationships are made of lightweight silk(resham) threads  when it is  harshly abused  they break off easily   ” .


Maasi….. Rudra calls out by shaking his head in pain  and   by  resting   his head on Meera’s lap .


Vasu and Meera get up on hearing a great thump and they laugh at Rudra making strange faces at Shoma as they see her coming with pouted to kiss him


On seeing them patch up , Kartik and Devyani also start kissing each other by making their stars in heaven  feel joyous  about their “Milan”



With lots of Love,

Miiraa and Vaasudev  Sharma

Character Visualization Exercise no 69 : Mad Vikrant’s Vibrant Love

Photo Source :
Photo Source :

“I am going to part of  a huge jackson’s multi starrer movie” Vikrant  says with delight to his babe Shilpa sleeping next to him .

Next day Swati his wife trashes the newspaper in  trash can where his link ups  newses are highlighted to such an extent has   created  a wry in her  for people like Vikrant  and leaves  for office without looking at her husband standing in front of her ,seeing this Actor Vikrant feels bad about his  link ups which he did fall for on his own  .

Meaning for his NAME  meant Powerful or Brave but he turned out to be  shallow and weird  chapel.

Swati on the other hand works  like there is no tomorrow   in an ad firm which worries her male boss Vivek.

Vivek casually calls Vikrant to enquire about his health and wealth with charisma “Hey how is your business buzzy man !”.

To this he stats “ Nothing as such my Madame is annoyed with my link up news that is been highlighted over and over by the media”.

Oh god ! Vivek exclaims .

“So…from now on I am not doing films for anyone in this glossy  industry expect for you ..tell this to Swati and request her to come back home soon”Actor Vikrant Desai says with  chocked emotions  .

Hearing his words over the speaker Swati is moved to tears and asks him “permanently kya ?”.

Vikrant smiles and says “ I wish to give you another love bite through this  speaker phone ”

Swati feels hot flushes on her cheeks when she sees him standing outside her cubicle.

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Character Visualization Exercise no 69 : Mad Vikrant's Vibrant Love
Character Visualization Exercise no 69 : Mad Vikrant's Vibrant Love



With lots of LOVE,

Miiraaa and Vaasudev

Vasu’s Magic


“It’s diwali time darling”Nalini says with joy .

Abhinav glares at her as he sneers at his client for something clueless .

Hanging his call up he snaps at  her and says “There will be no diwali for us this time”.


Seeing Nalini’s heart broken face he winches and leaves for an evening walk…


“Chalo there are lot of  work to be  completed by tonight as Abhinav does not  have a wish to celebrate diwali this year” Nalini stats this fact   to her friends while shopping for candle diyas in a top rated departmental stores called “G -Mart” .


Abhinav waiting  outside the  same departmental store  for Vasu (his uncle)  stares at her with a raging anger , when he sees several bags in Nalini’s  hands .


He mocks at her with his stern stare .


Nalini with a clenched fist hisses at him “You are incorrigible businessman that my mom got  me married tooooooooooooo, you are worse than a  beggar ”.


Abhinav smiles and hugs her .

Stunned Nalini starts crying by placing her head on his chest .

Abhinav caressing her back says “ I am giver and not receiver.Whatever profits my company makes I have to give it back  to  all the employees of my company with all my  love  and happiness in my heart  for them .


Plus  I  have give the  bonus  dividends from the company’s shares  for their welfare  and  growth by  ultimately making me feel like  a beggar  in front of my wife .


Today on the top of that my  client behaved rudely with me for  some  small mistake done unknowingly ….so…sorry dear”.


“Shush….I don’t want your sorry because I love you for whatever you are  Mr.Bore !” Nalini kissing his chest says .


Laughter bubbling  up inside his tummy ,he engulfs  Nalini makes his sexist comment “Come let’s celebrate our kind of diwali”.

Vasu and Meera coming out of  G Mart laugh aloud as they hear and  see  this beautiful sight by making Abhinav go purple.


Nalini winces  looking at the couple  ,barking at them  she says “Do you both  not have  any other  work rather than  patching people’s heart.Look at you son Tejas first .” Nalini says by embarrassing both Vasu and Meera  Abhinav making a fist says “ Please shut up your mouth  and go home”


Nalini gets annoyed with his behavior and in annoyance  she says “May you guys enjoy a happy married life and crosses the road from the wrong side by  ultimately giving peace to Abhinav”as she hated his parents Vasu and Meera  because they are his magical parents who looked after him during his most hateful times .

Fuming at herself she goes to her friends place to rant out her  feelings ,but on reaching her friends place Nalini feels like a weirdo and foolish like a schoolgirl…


Nalini  goes home with a realization “That all her problems have arised due to her own perception”.

After reaching she finds a gift wrapped on the dinning table with her name engraved on it .


Tears well out of eyes out of mortification and guilt of hurting Abhinav and his family.



Nitin admires Vasu

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“What the hell are you doing here ..? Nisha is my girlfriend now please stop behaving like a weirdo” Nitin says furiously and leaves for his master suite where Nisha was waiting.

Nisha hearing their conversation feels like an intruder and leaves Nitin ‘s  master suite without leaving a note for him  .

After Nitin reaches his room and on finding  Nisha no wear  .He feels extremely hurt and in anger  he reaches Smriti room .

On seeing Smriti playing with a vein his heart nearly stops to  beat .

Immediately he rushes her to the hospital Smriti is almost declared dead .


Nitin does not feel happy  at all ,Immediately he calls her mama and  mami  ie Vasu and Meera.

On receiving the call ,Vasu slaps him through the phone by saying “ Hell with your sorry dare you do not take care of my niece off late she is behaving moodily I know that ,but it’s wrong on your part to bring NISHA …………..your girlfriend  to your place where MY SMRITI LIVES AS YOUR WIFE EEEEEEEEEEEEEE  YOU BETTER UNDERSTAND OTHERWISE VASU THREATENS and thrusts the receiver down by muttering some curses for him and his family for ”.


Doctor ?….Nitin queers .


“Only prayers can save her” Doctor says and leaves Nitin all alone with his thoughts  .


Nisha comes to see and  reassures  him about her presence .in his life


“Prayer is one thing that which Smriti  hated doing from the bottom of the heart”.

But he loved doing   it  as it  releases all   the negative energies  in his system .


So he starts praying hard and busts  inside ward no 300 to find Smriti playing with Vasu and Meera granddaughter’s VEDIKA .


On looking up ,Smriti eyes welled   up with tears of gratitude as she comes to terms that inside this buzziest man lies a sane man who loves her to nineties .


“Nitin… I am so sorry for being such a stubborn bore for not leaving you to enjoy your own life ,go and live with Nisha now ”. Smriti says  smilingly .


“No…never, she cannot live with an equally stubborn bore like you”.Nitin states .


She can live with the darling sweet heart Darlington Raj .

You mean  to say that kanjoos  Iyer uncle’s son,Smriti laughs by making rest of them feel cheerful and glad about her improving health  .

Nitin starts staring at Smriti by making her skin go purple .


Vasu knowing  the meaning behind dark glances  conjures Meera to leave them alone.

Now as the darkness sets inside the ward no 300  ,their hearts beat up .Without hesitation they shred their   every pent up desire  to such a level that the  universe itself  is unable    bear the electromagnetic waves emitting from their unison bodies after their intimacy .

Nitin kissing her lips touches her sweet sex spot ,finding her ready and warm he enters her  in his naked avatar .His powerful manhood complied her body to give him a powerful orgasm .and  now slowly when her body ejects she finds  Nitin snoring in sleep all satiated .


Next day morning when he feels soft breath blowing his hair from his forehead he opens  his eyes and smiles at the beautiful form of his wife  .


Kissing her lips he realizes two  things “Prayer to the God could be done in any way and  we need   not control our desires for  fighting with our internal demons    ”.


For him peace means Smriti ‘s hatred towards God and his stubbornness to pray  ,and  this makes   them a great pair then….why he committed  this stupidity of making NISHA  as his girlfriend ? .He laughs at himself as answer crops up his mind  and lifts his beauty Smriti up in joy  .


Vasu and Meera  visit   them again as Nitin pays the  hospital bills .


Seeing a possessive smile on his ,Vasu says “You are the best man Nitin !!!,the man who can change  rotten situations in happy endings .”


That is all because you are my  inspiration.

No is not possible Vasu pating Nitin’s  left shoulder says and runs to stand by Meera.

So  when is baby coming… Meera asks Nitin with wink.

It’s a secret Nitin replies by touching Smriti tummy.





Author N


Character Visualization Exercise no 68 : Venkat’s twin affair

PHOTO SOURCE : www.pinterest
PHOTO SOURCE : http://www.pinterest

“Acceptance is part of life”Vivek’s father Venkat says in a  gruffy way .

Darn Pa,you both…  i mean  Ambika has given me a tough job .

Who you both ? His father Venkat queers .

Ambika…’The Woman’ Tata choose for me  ,he grumbles and leaves home for a walk .

Appa this is not done ,Vivek maro dikro  che..aaverite  tamme haq jaanta  mane nati aavadtha (Vivek is my son I do not like govern him like this)..

Shut up Venkat ..Vaidhehi chai please Seshadri says and goes to his study  with a paining heart .

The timing of his chai and Seshadri  death seemed perfect as Vaidhehi could only see the soul going out of his body like a flame but with regret written in it .

“Dad” Venkat screams and cries on his  dead body .

Immediately he calls  his friend  Shashidhar Shah  but disappointed dawn as he gets to know that Shashidhar Shah died in a crash .

Not knowing what to do ? ,Venkat calls his son Vivek.

Vivek gradually comes to terms on hearing his grandpa and  Shashidhar Shah’s death .

After helping his father to do pitru pooja ,he just goes to Shashidhar Shah’s house to check and see  his daughter Ambika’s  hearts condition.

As he goes to their house he looks at her mother then daughter Ambika ,their faces looked to be  distorted and blank .Slowly by taking them into his arms fold he says “ I will not leave you both forever”.

Ambika starts crying at his words .

Kissing his juicy pouty lips she murmurs her ‘Thanks’ and rests her head on his shoulders .

Then taking her to his place he says “ Welcome  Mrs .Ambika Vivek !.”

Seeing him bring Ambika home his father Mr. Venkat Seshadri feels annoyed and with an in built ego he leaves his Villa forever .

Without his presence ,Vivek gets hitched Ambika and procreates three beautiful kids .

Now with his two mother ,Vivek leads a perfectly healthy life  unaware of his father’s incorrigible healthy flirtatious  affair with his twin mother’s.

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Character Visualization Exercise no 68 : Venkat's twin affair
Character Visualization Exercise no 68 : Venkat's twin affair
With Lots of Love,
Author N