My Heroine————Anya

MPa …What happened Anya asks her father in a voice filled with wry for her family. Her father who is standing beside her said ” child I know it is quiet difficult to accept a bully” but people change over a period of time and Tejas has also changed for good.

Accha….you tell this …Pa what about the scares which he has given me .Hmm disgusting people I am living with Anya spat out and went to sleep. Anya marrying a bully .Shit !.What sort of life is going to be ahead of me God know she mutters to herself and goes to  a dreamy sleep..

When she is dreamy state .She gets a wonderful yet  a dreadful dream. Where her prince charming coming on white mare lifts her   off   the feet , depositing  her on the another mare and a baby  being left to be  bullied and raped .Seeing this she creams aloud by forcing everyone around her to get up.

Pa……. Anya called out. Jai her father hurriedly comes towards her with a towel and wipes her sweat and the tears rolling down her cheeks. Her mother mutters a curse and leaves the room. Seeing this sight her father feels his chest tighten.

Feeling helpless  she finally gives a green signal for her marriage with the bully Tejas who has bullied her during school and college days. As  Anya has  a slight problem in her leg .But that did not dither her spirits to achieve heights. She being a scientist daughter has earned  name and fame  for herself during her college days. Then later on after joining a scientist forum she starts writing many  scientific articles for the forum that which  gives her immense joy till date .



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