Ria’s Groom.

Ria always thought that her groom would really look like movies star from current movies  which she watched .But Raj turned out to sophisticated, reserved and rigid .Whose life revolves around office .What time he comes home back Raj himself  does not know.But his lips were quiet delicious like apple .She wished to taste them. Ria  felt her control burst if she did not kiss the lips that are quiet detectable  and she  kiss  his lips in front of 10 people as if it is her lord Krishna’s lips.

Raj did not know how to react to this sudden onslaught and kept quiet and suddenly he whispers “Cannot wait to get your own ways of knowing me right “into her ears .

Ria blushed at his words  …….and said “Oh yes ,but to me honest with you  I am feeling a little  nervous and scared to interview you because you look like  Royal Material and not a Husband Material from any angle”.

So……………So what ?He Questions knowing her intentions .

Nothing …Ria stammers and says in a painful tone “Raj I am not that Good for you  to Treasure me “.

Then…..what?”Be my Kohinoor  jewel that I can Treasure it all throughout my life “Raj obsessively  says holding her gaze for the 2 long minutes  .

With Lots of Love and Hugs

Author N


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