Are We Totally Free

Freedom  is such a beautiful thing Riva thought and decided to pen down a beautiful song called ‘Are We Totally Free’ for this independence day …

Are We Totally Free ,

Freedom  is such a wonderful thing  to have ,

We abuse it as we don’t care .

Are We Totally Free,

Child Abuse, Rape and Abortion  are easily  possible here ,

As we  have easily laws that which bails out criminals.

Are We Totally Free,

Politicians fight amongst themselves ,

Public looks like a child in distress.

Are We Totally Free,

Increasing sound of Loud speakers during Sarvajanik Ustav,

Make us go helter and shelter  .

Are We Totally Free,

Are We Totally Free,

Then why do we celebrate 15 th August as Independence day as we are not totally free.

This is Riva’s emotional speech which she is going to give on this Independence day as according to her Freedom is slavery and hardship and struggle to achieve heights is freedom

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