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Writing is an art which is god gifted to all .We only need to trap it with our own will power.This thing only few know about it and they try to trap and detect their talent easily with help of the mentor .But they are a lot like me who wish do something creativity .In my life when my life was headed no where I ย just happen to create a blog account and started writing on it ….But due ย to the popularity that my blog gained some relatives started advice on the issues like languages , spelling checks which I am very well aware off .This gives me a lot of irritation and for once I thought of give up writing but my conscious told ย me “come on do not lose hope ย as you have improved a lot by writing “and once again I started writing by turning an deaf ear to the relative around me .

So keeping on writing to your heart content and do not heed to advice of relatives or others in this world as they are jealous of your progress.This my only advice to you all.


12 thoughts on “#100 words on Saturday @Writetribe.com

  1. You know several a times, I write for just the pure passion out of it. Most of the non-writers do not understand the joy of writing. So keep a deaf ear to all criticism and just soak in constructive ones. All the best.

    1. Ah! Wonderful to hear this from you Vinay . Actually I have gone through a lot emotional turmoil in this regard so now-a-days whenever I socialize with my relatives around me . I pretend that I am nothing in front of them so this …boosts up their egos to unimaginable levels and they are free- ed from being jealous of me ;-).
      Have a Nice Day .
      Thanks for dropping in .

  2. Keep writing and you are already doing a good job. See something bigger in criticism..I remember when I joined journalism in the start, I had no background in the industry, I was told that I cannot write by a colleague. Today, it’s been five years and I am not doing bad…

    1. Thank you for the wonderful piece of advice Vishal .These kind and encouraging words mean lot to me .I am blogging for while but no one has ever appreciated like this ๐Ÿ™‚ .
      Thanks for stopping by .
      Have a nice day .

  3. Perhaps you will improve your writing skills of your own accord after plenty of writing practice. However, some advice is good and should be listened to. Whatever you do, don’t let other people deter you from achieving a goal.

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