Meera Weds Vasu —-Part 1

“Meera Chalum wake up its already 4:30 am and our vadhiyar (pundit) could reach by anything time “Her mother Samantha patted her back while waking her up from sleep   . 

What Ma ! Meera exclaimed .That Kumbakaran Vasu must be sleeping nicely on the Sushi bed which your have offered to be your  would – be ‘Damad’. Dam Ma why we South Indians have early morning marriage  with heavy breakfast having a variety of items like idli , dosa, pongal, upma, sweet halwa ,  shera along tea and coffee which was  immediately followed by  sumptuous lunch this is what  she hated the most and no body was there to understand her views expect for her granny  .

After having quick bath she went in search of the Kumkaran Vasu .As usual Vasu and his family  were sleeping blissfully.Suddenly she sees someone patting her shoulder. Turning herself  around to she sees her mother Samantha standing in front of her  like a coat stand. Meera giggles and takes her things from her mother and says “Mr.Kumbakaran is fast a sleep I hope he gets ready on time and does not delay one  bit”.I am going to  relax for something by moving around TAJ Lands Hotel’s Garden .While she moving around she sees her best friend cum would -be  Mr. Kumbakaran Vasu lost in thought.

Hmm…Hi …..So ….you here ….Meera questioned his intentions.Look I and my family do not like you or admire you so …….you thought a contract based marriage can easily solve your problems right Mr. Vasu ….she said angrily  and went away from that spot. 

Before leaving the place Meera turns her head and said “Don’t hurt a person who loves you lot like this “.Thus in this way her dream of marrying Vasu  remained unfulfilled.

After Vasu and his family left Taj Lands Hotel on the day of the wedding .Meera sat on the bench with a thump her heads hung in shame .Soon everything in her life went upside down … Vasu had gone by ditching others trust  especially her mother’s Samantha

Today….she is independent and determined girl who will never bowed down to anybody’s temper tantrums especially her bosses Vasu’s tantrums .

What happen Sir? Meera enquires as she enters his cabin. ‘Look at these picture don’t  you think that these images are good.’ Vasu enquires 

‘Which pics sir ? please show me ‘Meera requests him to show.

When she sees them Meera nodes in astonishments and asks him “Why he is   holding her old pictures which is of no use to him  “

What do mean by that ?Vasu enquires .

Hmm..Sir she stammers  something….  but first she the photos inside his table drawer and making an eye contact with him she finishes by saying “I am the only girl who  you and your family did not like or admire  and leaves his cabin.” Much before she goes out of his cabin by puling the front glass open .Vasu opens it for her and stares at her  with grief filled in his eyes .

Meera does not understand anything from it and quietly walks off without their bodies coming in contact with each other.


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