Meera Weds Vasu -Part 2

Vasu……..Meera called out .Who is this girl in this photo frame Vasu? She enquires .My sister Vaishavi  whose life was destroyed by Ashanti …Ashanti is Siddhant’s wife and the main reason for me to employ him here is this .”I too want him to experience the same pain which I am going through….”Vasu said by throwing a crumbled paper into the trash can.

Yeah Yeah why not I am his one and only loving sister who  once got  hurt by your rude behaviour.Do not forget that sir and thus saying so she gets up from her cubicle and leaves home .

On reaching her apartment she finds  her friends glued to the T.V.sets while watching the  end and the final train scene of DDLJ .Meera felt irritated to see her friends busy watching the movie as no one was  bothered  about her arrival expect Ashanti .

Hi Bhabhi Ma  how are you ?Meera enquired.Fine child Ashanti responded positively.Keeping a hand on her tummy she growls “Bhabhi  I am feeling hungry”.But Ashanti did not hear anything as she too was hypothesized when the last scene of DDLJ had being played over and over .by the cablewalas.

Meera’s Temper was raising at a very high speed.” I am leaving you all forever “she shouted.None of them responded.Then finally she packs a few set of cloths and other required items , swings her bag down with a thump and leaves the apartment  by shutting the door behind her in rough fashion. She immediately hired a taxi and took the taxi to Siddhant’s office.By the time she reached Siddhant’s office he was not there dejected she leaves a note for him with the receptionist . 

From there she hired another Taxi and went to the Chattrapathi Shivaji International Airport.Once she reached AI567 flight counter she saw Vasu standing with DDLJ kind of couple Meera  thought warily 

From here starts  her filmy safar. There were no doubts regarding this as a group of college students were travelling to London to do some research on this film which ran and is running for 1000 days was sitting next to her seat.

Meera who was busy  tightening her seat was interrupted by a soft voice said “Ma’am may I sit here now”.Yeah  Yeah you can she said looking at Raj who was standing humming some tunes from the film DDLJ. Meera laughed to herself as started flipping a magazine which was kept in one of the pockets.Flight took off….and Meera found herself in whirlpool of emotions.She thought that she has done a huge mistake of taking such a big step.Sensing her trouble Raj switched on T.V.which was fixed in the front   of their respective seats.

That T.V. also showed the last scene i.e. the train scene of DDLJ up teem times .She wondered what would have happened after this magical scene …..So turning her face towards Raj who was continuously reading her emotions and mind said “Ma’am……after this scene what must happened I do not have any vague idea regarding this but I will scratch my brain to give you an appropriate answer for this” He said quietly.

Raj ….are you a mind reader ?Meera enquired.No…Ma’am Raj responded positively.”First a fall Raj stop calling me Ma’am…I am Meera “she sternly said .This word Ma’am makes me feel like a professor of some subject in a college.

Raj openly laughed at her words and says “So Meera ..why did you asked me this question whether I  am some kind of mind reader hmm?.”Raj enquires raising his eyebrows in wonder..

“Just because you out of blue replied to me for the question which is eating me up these days as DDLJ fever is on everywhere. “Meera spontaneously answered him.

Ah! this questions of what must happened to Simran and Raj after they both reunited while the train was moving is that Raj and Simran might have kissed each other and start remembering their memories about their Europe tour and their first train journey.., how in middle of their journey they got lost and how they reunited with friends .

 And about this story  they  might have  narrated this tale to their respective family members only after their  wedding ceremony and especially to Preeti  who might have  come close to  Raj ever since he had met her ……Simran’s babuji who must have spent crores of rupees  on his daughter ‘s wedding would  feel proud of his daughter’s choice.

Oh I see Meera said and asked him “Raj does happy ending takes place in real life situation? “.

“Oh yes our life is like DDLJ movie we fight with our best friends like  two roughish dogs unaware of  our own feeling for the other person we yearn  their love so we start feeling little J about his/her choices and later on when third party comes in we want our soul mate with whom we have fought with  to rescue us from this situation and then if our mate comes we try to shower  so much love on him /her that forces them to raise his /her eyebrows on us in such a way that they start doubting on our intentions… be good be happy and stay constant is the mantra of my life …..This is the only secret of happy ending”Raj says as he gets up to take cabin baggage from the over head box as the flight had landed in Heathrow airport in London.

Taking their luggages from conveyor belt they paths were separated forever .Meera felt like DDLJ moment when she sees  Vasu standing there waiting for her with his arms open …

With Lots of Love

Author N


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