No wonder why?

No wonder why?,

Earth is oval in shape,

People here are dam too fake than a real male,

Gravitation pull keeps us grounded,

I , Mine , Mere attitude  makes me  feel wanted ,

Seeing the white  cloth swing upwards and downwards makes me  feel  like I am living in haunted place,

But as my friend  switches on  the light my hands jump in delight.

No wonder why?,

My friend makes me  feel special,

As I takes my    scrap book  out my  heart yearn for his signature ,

He  comes near and looks at  my blank scrap in wonder ,

Tears roll down his checks as  I ask for  his autograph,

Laughing he signs by saying “you think I am celebrity hmm “,

Smiling at his words I  hug him tightly .

No wonder why?,

I feel the  pang of separation   ,

How to explain what are feeling going through  me went I see him go ,

Instead I stand there like a pillar feeling my chest tightened,

The shallow emptiness is what my heart feels now.

No wonder why?,

I feel like someone has come as knight in shining armour,

To save me from this current situation,

Like I always wished.


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