Handle With Care

“Dear Handle With Care the crochet bag as my hard work has finally paid off  ” Shalini said cleaning the shelf.Raj who is busy flipping the magazine pages looks up and says “Madam you Crochet bag’s image has come in the current issue of this magazine “.Show Show ….she said excitedly .Shalini… looks at it and exclaims Oh Raj this is last year’s magazine!. Hmm hmm yes sweets I know Raj smiles as he careful deposits her on his lap.”Do you know why I kept the last year’s magazine which had your crochet bag’s photo in it .Because it as… special as it had all the goodness and sweetness of your hard work in it.

Even though … you had a fracture in your hand then you did it because you had the strong will power to do so.

‘Not because of it Jaan’ Shalini said making him look puzzled at her words. Kissing his juicy red lips Shalini shyly whispered “It is due to your love and your ways to impress and Handle with Care the difficult situations .Accha I see Raj said playing with her hair …..Look it is already 4p m any moment our prince Angad would come in and if he sees us in this position he would ask us endless questions for which we would not be able to find an appropriate answer. “Accha jii you are pretty much scared of your son and what about our special moments that which I want to cherish with you when I will able to do so?” Shalini asked him mockingly as she gets up from his lap as started cleaning the other remaining shelves with lot of vigor.

Handle with Care,

Handle with Care,

Ho oh my heart sings as I see puppy on the roads,

But my hands will get spoilt ho oh,

 Now when my mother will come to know she will fire me outright,

Per this won’t hamper my spirits ho oh …,

Chalo lets us go go home,

Dancing and singing like a penguin little Angad enters the living room with puppy.

Hi Ma he shouts leaving the puppy down and jumps on his father who is busy smiling and playing with the little puppy.

Angad what is this? Shalini questioned him.

A puppy he responded.

Accha from where did get it and with whose permission? Shalini enquired.

‘Err…Ma I got it from school’ Angad stammered.

‘Oh I see it seems like Mrs. Sharma puppy ‘ Shalini said in the matter of fact tone.

‘Arre yaar why are you asking so many questions like a principal of some school our son has not done something wrong’Raj questions Shalini with lot of annoyance filled in his voice.

‘Because we have to handle with Care his feeling and sentiments as he is very special child’ Shalini said with tears filled in eyes as she remembered how Angad was brought in this world.


With Lots of Love

Author N 



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