A Real Example

I am not an avid cricket follower or worshipper of some cricket , sports   films , serials idols. But there some individuals who leave an impression  on us and we aspire to become like that individual.One  such person is Rahul Dravid .I got to know about this man as a cricket during his jammy ad  days.When I saw  him on T.V.ad I felt like another cricketer’s life is in danger .As I hate this sport from the bottom of heart till date .

I   get annoyed when I see my brothers and sisters forgetting their world when the sport called ‘Cricket’ is going on .

Later on in year 2003 when India lost the world cup .I got to know  little more about this man .During this time there was cold-war going on between Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid   regarding their centuries which each and every paper highlight…. Please do correct me if I am wrong  ;-). As do not have proper knowledge about this subject.

So at that time I saw this man image in the sports section of the TOI newspaper .”Rahul Dravid the Wall is annoyed with Sachin’s Tendulkar’s judgement and captaincy”.

Rahul Dravid face never showed  disappointment as if nothing has happened   the  picture started grabbing my attention slowly and steadily .Then after a few days I started cutting his pictures and articles and pasting it in my scrapbook. 

Then when I saw Rahul Dravid keeping wickets I was happy that some keep cool attitude kinda person is  doing wicket -keeping as it is supposed to be a toughest job. Rahul Dravid did that with ease for years.

What I marvel about this man

  • Rahul Dravid never gave up on his on because of his passion
  • He never craved for advertisements.
  • He never went running behind the tree like the most cricketers do these days .
  • In the Free time he wrote sports articles for newspapers.
  • He had no airs about his success and always gave his team the due credit for the achievements
  •  He is man of few words.

There are many things to learn from this man ….The list is endless.

Because of the above following things which I have mentioned I admire him a lot .

By the way…the huge collection of his photos and my scrapbook is  lost somewhere .Today my blogger and face bookfriend Sid Balachandran shared Rahul Dravid’s My mother ‘s scrape book  video .I was remained of two beautiful pink colour  scrapbook which had his  and India’s victories  world cup win pictures. 

So I wrote is article for #monday musing @ Write Tribe.com


With Lots of Love

Author N


4 thoughts on “A Real Example

  1. It’s good to find a person to admire. But bear in mind that he’s only human and is therefore liable to make a mistake. So often, we are disappointed in people who seemed to be good. What you could do is admire the way he behaves ‘right now’.

    1. Very True .I completed agree with whatever you have said above.Sometimes it scares me when I see people blindly follow them 🙂 .
      Thank you for stopping by and for the kind advices which you give.There is a lot of learning from it .
      Have a nice day .
      Hugs <3.

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