Bahubali, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Bechdel Test

Wonderful read. 🙂

Shweta Rao

Plot one: (Setting : Some Century BC,  Mahismaati)

After the night of magical union, I decided to plunge into my deadly mission. I sedated him, my own love. He who had made me aware of my beauteous form, he who had initiated me into the pleasures of bodies, it was him, whom I  cheated.

How drab was my life before I met him, how I had disregarded my youth, my desires, and how he made me get in touch with my true self, “You are a girl,” he had said and “I am a man.” All those years of merciless martial training seemed worthless at that ephemeral moment of carnal knowledge.

I must have been thinking of him, when I was ambushed by the soldiers of the Empire. I had lost all hope, when he struck them like a thunder, he took on the entire army, he recused me, he…

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