Meera Weds Vasu Part 3

Vasu…what a sweet  surprise  you hear in Heathrow airport  Wow  !Meera exclaimed .

‘Haan dear me  myself have come to receive you ‘Vasu stated in matter of fact tone. I cannot believe this Meera retorted as she enters his  car  with a bouquet full of roses .Meera is in state of shock as Vasu  used to have an aversion towards mushy things that even if somebody else does these things he would make fun of them and make some vague statements like “He does now how to seal a deal with his/her boyfriend/ girlfriend”  or “She is giving too much attention to  his looks” so on and so forth  … which led to  the heated argument between  his single -ready to mingle colleagues and in relationship colleagues in his office over the  vague  statement made by him.

Finally his house arrived ..The moment the ignition of the car stopped she is brought back to the present world by his pinch that landed on one of her arms .Ouch! she exclaimed and runs indoors to see her tutor Mr.Sharma  i.e. Vasu’s father .Vasu’s father looked extremely delighted when he sees Meera– his student coming towards him.Seeing him after long brought tears in her eyes .Meera wiping her tears off her cheeks she enquires “How are you dude? “.Hmm ….Beta….I am fine  he replies to  her warm greeting and hugs her tightly like Meera is his long -lost asset .Vasu who was watching this scene  from a distance felt happy and shed tears of gratitude in front of lord Krishna idol  which is kept near the porch outside his villa .

As he  goes inside his home  by passing  the lawns. Vasu sees his father Mr. Sharma playing carrom with  Meera and winning each and every match. Seeing his father Mr. Sharma smiling and laughing opening  after so many years made Vasu happy  but some matter is  swallowing him inside .

What is it ?he wondered .

He tried to think regarding this by using S.W.A.T analysis but could  not find any solution for the unwanted feeling rising in his heart …Vasu goes out for walk and gets  his answer to the questions which is swallowing him up. The answer was none other than his beautiful ‘Meera ‘ with whom he broke up ties then  .Just for sake of his freedom he thought warily with smile on his face  :-).

He immediately goes home only to find Meera waiting  for him to have food and talk to him regarding ‘Their relationship ‘.As he freshen up and sits next to her on the dinning table  Vasu is reminded  of ‘s latest video Happiness is Just an App Away! and smiles looking tenderly at her .Meera bushes and does not make any eye contact with him as her eyes are baring her soul out .

Meera could not trust her feeling when Vasu is around her .So she let Vasu speak up for himself.

Vasu who is staring at her  just lifted her face up and kissed her eyes lovingly and says “You are ever shining precious Kohinoor “.

Hearing this words Meera is stunned and shocked .Meera  did not know how to react expect she  hugged with  her tears choking her speech.

With Lots of Love

Author N


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