Tia a down to earth celebrity on #100 words on Saturday powered by Write Tribe.com

So above  is the latest ad of   Shaadi.com  Tina watched the cut version of  this ad on T.V.yesterday .This ad looked cute and this increased Tia’s  curiosity to see the full and latest ad of Shaadi.com 

Before  Tina watches  anything on you tube .Tina read  the XYZ review of the video especially the good ones .Lo Oh she was and is still in state of shock as all the good reviews comes from the female fan and had the adjectives ‘Awesome’ and ‘Wow’ .It made her feel like she is  attending some kind of music concert as Behind her she heard  screaming….of his name Kanan Gill …..She turned to see who is  shouting this name .When she sees her friend Tara laughing and kissing the screen of her tablet  .Tina feels disgusted and asks Tara “What is so special about this person “.

Tara just looks at her friend with wonder and says “Nothing dear  he is comedian based in bengaluru and to know more about him read his Kanan gill’s latest interview with blogadda ”  and leaves  her house as she knows Tina is a down to earth celebrity  who does not like publicity .

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With Lots of Love 

Author N


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