Meera Weds Vasu Part 4

What happened Meeru ! Vasu questioned cuddling her .You know your favourite scientist and ex president of India is no more .Hmm I know Meeru  Vasu said painfully as he got out of the bed. Meera too got out of the bed and  then she straight away headed  towards the study where  his father Mr.Sharma is watching the news channels that showed his body taken away from Delhi to his home town  Rameswaram.

Err….Sharma uncle do you want tea? Meera quires . Uncle….Uncle she called out but there was no response from his side. Vasu who suddenly cropped up there from nowhere pulls the remote control from his hand and says “You are not going to see this kind of stuff any more and cry for the fate of the country called ‘India’.

Oh what did you say child ? Mr Sharma questions him with a thundering voice .Whatever you have heard is right father …..Accha then lets go back to the which gave you the power and values to speak like this. 

Stop it Guys and dude what’s this haan ?Meera enquires pointing out to the paper lying on the table .

Sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Before she could say anything regarding the mess Vasu turned towards her and said “Meeru dear why don’t you write a poem on APJ Abdul Kalam’s inspiration speech” .

A soul that took birth on the Indian soil ,

Only to inspire us  to accept  failures with great ease,

His talks steers up each and every sleeping emotions in our hearts,

To Transform and Ignite Indian minds,

And to bring peace which is the greatest strength of all.

This is what Meera wrote about him and it became a huge hit in Vasu’s office and Mr Sharma’s friend circle .

 This poem brings a smile on her face as she receives a bouquet of pink roses (her favourite)from Raj who was her co-passenger in her last flight from Delhi to London.Reading this message Vasu hugs her tightly as she had made sense to his life.

With Lots of Love and Hugs

Author N 



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