Meera Weds Vasu Part 5

What happen dear Vasu! kyun itna pyaar naochavaar kar raha hai ?Meera enquires as he hugs from behind. Hmm today being ‘Guru Poornima day ‘we have just got an invite from our college for the annual ‘Alumni Meet ‘.Seeing this invitation I  am reminded about our college days and our love at first sight  story.

‘Accha I see …… show me the college invitation card ‘Meera requests him to pass the invitation card. Vasu gives her the invitation card with a sly grin by showing his 32 teeth .Vasu being dark complex had great and charming features which would make anyone fall for him .She too grin back at him .Looking at Vasu Meera asked in desperate tone “When are we going to get engaged to get into long lasting bond called marriage and later  to   have small small babies with you hmm”.

Err…Meera Vasu stammered  to say. Meera you have developed the sixth sense by now understood Vasu’s body and mind  language .She started packing her suitcase and left his residence without informing his father .Vasu…….Where is Meera going ?Mr. Sharma enquired .

“Unmm don’t know  Pa but one thing I have come to know is that my dear Meera wants to  marry  me which is impossible in this birth ” Vasu said laughing at his father and winking at  Anjali his beautiful wife who was pregnant with his child.

Meera.. who had reached the villa which is booked for her.On reaching the villa she cry s a lot feel like wrecked and tears up every memory of their togetherness .That day she got up and vowed not to  allow her emotions to over rule her .So she decides to change her identity and looks

Today she is Isha the great Indian Supermodel who owns a huge production with regret of not having understood Vasu…. completely .Three years later she sees  a flash news on NS news channel  “3 people died in crash near the trench of bay of Bengal” .

Reading such a bad  news she immediately  switches off the T.V. and goes to have a good night sleep to experience sweet dreams.

With Lots of  Love and Hugs

Author N


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