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Kaira.! Kaira! Tap Tap….Shekar banged his plate in delight as he could  smell the taste of the puris which are being fried by his dear wife for him .Though Kaira knew about her hubby ‘s health  condition .She just serves him the best oil free puris with lots of love .

Shekar looking at her says “Dear Thank you for the wonderful  puris that you have fried for me “.I am lucky to have you in my life  . Kaira with a great audacity simply says “Just because I have fired the puris for you today do not expect me to be that lenient  towards your current health reports “.Hearing these lines from her he leaves the dinning room in annoyance  and sleeps in his study leaving Kaira…hungry for his teasing and argumentative attitude   towards life  which she had not heard since ages .

From this above story I learnt two things

  • Whenever somebody has food do not talk about his /her health condition as he/she might be completely stressed out  in this regard .
  • Healthy Debate is better than Unhealthy talks. 

With Lots of Love and Hugs

Author N


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