Meera Weds Vasu Part 6

Look kid I aint your aunt remember! Meera said feeling disgusted as the kid pulled her pallu. Sshh…. Meera shouted at her .Vasu who had been searching for his daughter finally gets hold of his daughter Tanya when she comes out of his bosses cabin wiping in  full gusto…Seeing the state  of his daughter’s wiping his heart twisted and he finally barges into his bosses cabin.

After he comes to know Meera is his boss  Vasu wills himself and leaves the job immediately without a second thought .Meera also relieves him immediately as she was not happy with his  current performance .Immediately after leaving this job he joins another company as a head of operations department.There he meets Classy and Sassy  Tina….. gets attracted towards her  and finally marries her .After marrying her Vasu losses Tanya as Tina did not take good care of his daughter Tanya as Tara gives her attention  only to their  daughter Tiara.

Five years Later when Meera meets Vasu in  an Alumni Meet  organized by her college professors for their students .She sees a shadow of darkness surrounding his eyes .Vasu approaches Meera and hugs her with his heart full of emotions. Meera too reciprocates in same way .Ma… going home a girl from behinds barks off  her instruction .Slowly taking his head off her shoulder he sees his daughter Tanya smiling like sunflower holding a plastic bag full of vegetables in her hand and paddling her cycle off  with great enthusiasm 

‘Meru…Is my daughter alive’ Vasu questions her looking intending.

‘Yes’ Meera says

Oh Meri Jaan I am sorry for what I have done! Vasu exclaims .

It is matter of our attitude Vasu ! she sighs as   she unwraps her arms which had held his  lean waist tightly for supporting him..

This is what Colours show .Different attitude show different colours .

With Lots of Love

Author N


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