Meera Weds Vasu part 7

Thank you Meeru..Today I will go and hug my child Tara who is so close to you and post myself as her ‘Uncle’.What  are you gone nut !Meera exclaims.Taking her folded hands in his he proposes her ” Meer…..will you marry me  .I  know that I am not worthy of your love as I have hurt you very badly .I have no ownership on you but still think about it ….”Startled Meera stares at him as she did not expect him to be brutally honest with her .Though Vasu looked dull but she had not expected him to be brutally honest when she was thinking of forgetting him and his rude behaviour .

“Err…Vasu dear please give me some time to think over it as I never excepted you to return back to me after the way you hut me “Meera said feeling totally Famished. Vasu  who is hugging her removes her clip that held her hair letting  it down on her bare back as if it is some kind of soft cushion with which he could play with it .She gasped a little. Vasu started unbuttoning her kurti he slid off her shoulders. Vasu kissed her  shoulders and her face and said “My dear Meeru Accha ho gaya ki my dear darling Tara is with you as my child was not able to cop up with the accident that took away lives of 3 most dependable people” 

A totally stunned Meera hugged him tightly with all her love for him .Proposal accepted Meera says and goes home to her sleepy Tara.

This is a dream a sweet dream which she sees it with open eyes when she sees her daughter Tara playing with her daddy Vasu  who loves her to such an extent that it hurts him  whenever Tara misbehaved with him .

With Lots of Love

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