Vasu Meets the real Meera

Vasu stands watching Meera  make a eternally beautiful castle in front of the waves .The waves collided with each other wanting to reach shore first .The castle broke  down into millions of pieces and submerged themselves in waves that touched them. Vasu……Meera calls him and says there is snail mail in that huge bottle.See… na . Yeah Yeah coming Vasu grumbles  and runs towards her. Folding his pants up he sits on the slight less muddy area. Meera hands over the bottle to him with uttering as he gives her disapproving glances .

When he Open the bottle  he finds a postcard in it .Removing the post card  he reads it .Tears fills his eyes by misting his vision.Suddenly a huge wave comes and trys taking away Meera .She shouts at him for help .Hits him hard but Vasu is lost in thoughts of his dear most lost lover Rishika….Hearing the background voices his mind snapped back to reality .Seeing Meera unconscious his head spins speedily unable to handle the situation he too faints  with the post card in his hand.Splashing some water on them .People around try to  wake them up  and helped them to  sit on the bench nearby.

“Thank you Uncle “Meera said looking at the elderly man .

Young blood does not love to follow rules and regulation .They just what other do  and term it as fashions .What was need to make a castle in front of the shore  hmm? the elderly  man enquired .

Umm Hmm just like that and nobody had come to inform us about high tide in this area.You know it is season of rains and during this month high tide occurs here .Yes uncle we are sorry for that  Meera says and looks  at Vasu with her lowered eyelashes .Looking at Vasu the elderly man enquires what is this by using his Chadhee(stick) .It is postcard which I found it in the big bottle floating on surface of the water .Accha! the elderly man exclaimed …

“Look child now there were people around you to save your lives .Do not go too far that you will  lose your sight ..Trust me child .Such  postcards often comes and some loss their lives in quest of the postcard .So… beware and take care of yourself.”the elderly man said .Vasu knowingly nods at him .

Meera ….gets irritates and lashes at the elderly man .Vasu did not know how to react to this current scenario and tries to S.W.A.T analyse the situation .Alas! everything went in vein as Vasu accompanied the elderly man who knew the where about of his lost lover Rishika . The moment when he leave the beach with the elderly man .She sees the postcard lying next to her she calls out his name umpteen times to give this postcard but she could not  give him as they had  covered a remarkable distance.

Meera silently wish that she should have controlled her waspish tongue .But she is she even after trying to control her irritation and anger Meera seems to fail in all her test .Meera sees the scenic beauty of the waves colliding with each other .It makes her feel good.She marvelled at the beauty of the nature lord .Seeing them raise like mountains to touch the sky .They looked beautiful .Meera felt like they embracing each other .Meera walked along with rhythmic sounds made by the waves .The waves kissed her feet , legs and face .Coming to a safe corner she begins reading the postcard  curiously .The snip notes  of the letter are as follows “Dear V….I really do not know how to express my feelings and gratitude towards you as I feel ashamed of my actions .The guy whom I feel in love with is cheater who cheated me on the fact that he did not marry any Mary before .But now that I am married slowly things are coming out of the horses mouth .That he did marry Mary and is waiting for divorce certificate to come through and he does have a 2 year old kid who eats my head constantly .I  am left in lurk . V….this is happening to me only because I broke your marriage with M and your daughters .Please forgive me V”

Reading this postcard she throws the card on the bench and leaves home …where her kids are waiting for her.On reaching her residence she sees V waiting for her outside her house .Err…. I am sorry and rushes inside her house where her kids are playing.Beta.. I am sorry for delay .Momma we made the person wait outside see how ‘samajdar ‘we  are  they told her with a twinkle in their eyes Yeah Yeah my dear Pari ‘s are indeed great . Who is he Ma ? they chorused.

He..e..e is my buddy who works  with me  she says coming towards the living room and after Meera reaches the door “Vasu please come in ” she says and takes her sit on  the single sofa.

What brings you hear ? she enquired.

Vasu looks at her for 15 -20 minutes and says “To see my family”.

The kids who are watching their expression suddenly speak out .

Kiddos : Ma.. why this person who is searching for his family is sitting without having any swift motion.

Ma : Shrugs

The person :(laughing at them ) Because I found them .

Ma : What is so funny about it Vasu.

The person : Keeping quiet feeling embarrassed.

Kiddos : So your name is ?they enquired .

The person : Yes ….I am Vasu.. your father .

Kiddos : Looking at Ma in bewilderment .

Ma : Feeling tired .. nodes in yes .

Kiddos : (looking confused ) But why did you leaves

Vasu :(Realizing his mistake)Looks at his wife Meera for help.

Ma : (Looking tenderly at them ) Says because your father loves both of you so …he went out for a tour (business tour )and got some goodies for you.

Kiddos  : Grabbing the bags off her hand they run to their play room and quickly remove and open the packets to see what it contains.But on the way to their room they Thanked their Pa for the presents.

Vasu: Thank you Meer..

Ma :Most Welcome.

Do you realize how difficult is to tell a lie to your own daughters .Meera asks Vasu with her raised eyes brows . Leaving a sigh she starts chopping tomatoes  to make some evening snack.Suddenly she asks Vasu ‘what do you want ?’.To this question he finds it difficult to answer and instead of answering her question  he start searching for a match box.

What are you are going to do with it . Just wait and watch Vasu says with a wink.Taking his old albums that had 1 inch off dust over it  he goes out .Setting up a bond fire.He burns the old stack of alums and the postcard as it contained some bad memories of his past .After burning he felt good and happy as his life is yet to begin ………..

With Lots of Love

Author N


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