Introducing Vasu

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Vasu is an suspended navy officer .His love of  Life Vrushali who was carry his baby died in air crash .Vasu is damaged hero who finds solace in his  morning coffee  and having cold sex with his neighbour a single  working mom Shruti   .He is been suspended only because he broke the rules of the force only because he wanted save Vrushali and his child.Guilt knotted Vasu by  making  him wary of  the society’s  twitter birds (love birds ) who love to talk about their love life .


Suddenly when he sees Meera holding   and playing with the child in the park  of his society   .His mouth feels bitter and with  his irritated eyes  he marches towards the  park and shakes her up .Dragging her and her child out of the society  he feels good and at the same time drenched …As he still has soft corner for a mother and child.

Looking at her with his bottle up anger for Meera  “Do not come to this park  ever ” Vasu says looking at her with his pink eyes blazing with fire”.Scared Meera and her child leave the place for ever. Vasu’s  friend Rishi who happens to be her EX- husband’s friends too feels bad for her and  stares at the open sky blankly as  sun plays hide and seek with  the clouds. Vasu who looks up  sees his friend Rishi  standing in the balcony of his beautiful well kept house  .On calling him   various names Rishi  does not  responds to Vasu shouting. Rishi simply goes inside  to the living room from the balcony .

‘Sir courierwala has come’ The watchman says as his eyes goes around here and there and gets stuck on the balcony of Rishi ‘s flat which is on the 1st floor.

‘Accha I see ‘he says and signs the slip and sends the courierwala off  within secs. Curiousness and   inquisitiveness  dawn on Vasu .

With  trembling hands he opens the letter ….which Rishi snatches it away from him as he was coming down in search of his  courier .

Rishi Da… what wrong with you  ? Vasu Questions silently.

Without uttering any word he leaves Rishi Da . This makes  Vasu  more inquisitive to know about the contents of the letter. Today the pink eyes have decided to find out truth behind letter in Sherlock home style. 

With lots of love 

Author N


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