Meera Weds Vasu Part 8

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Tara dear see who has come to see you  ‘ Meera enquires .

‘Oye ye toh woh baddie uncle hai’ Tara says feeling  very astonished.

‘ Look T dear nobody  is bad by birth  but only because of situations people are  forced to become like that do you understand it  ‘Meera says.

Tara nodes in ‘No’and leaves for her play in the park.

‘Meeru….Tara is child to understand what is good/bad for her health ‘ Vasu says mock grinning at her .

Tara who is playing with her friends suddenly gets pushed down by a rougish girl Drishti who thinks no end of herself.Seeing this Meera and Vasu go down and lift Tara up from the ground and argues with  Drishti and her mother Vrushali until the entire building comes down to rescue Vrushali and  her daughter Drishti.

Drishti out of annoyance breaks Tara’s  bottle full of hopes.Tara ‘s bottle full of hopes is a glass jar that contained  coloured chits which she used crushed it inside the glass jar after mentally wishing for something to be fulfilled at the earliest.

Tara just looks at Drishti and smiles at her as she did what she wished and wanted!

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