Introducing Meera

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Meera  sits in the Starbucks cafe, sipping her coffee with her niece Namarata and stares outside through the rain drenched window Suddenly  a Jam stained knife lying  next to her handbag which is  covered with a blue silk scarf. is seen by her niece ..

Namarata   looks at her and exclaims Oh Masi look at the  bloody knife  !.

Just chill beta I will speak to the cafe manager regarding this knife! Meera exclaims  and gets up from the chair .Keeping her handbag on the chair she walks towards the manager’s desk which is located few tables away. On seeing someone waiting for him manager Dev smiles at her and asks “What do you want and may I help you ma’am with something ?”.Yeah Yeah I want to know why a blood stain or jam stained knife is kept next to my sit ? Meera questioned him raising an eyebrow.

Err…Madam  sorry for the inconvenience he  says .What  do you mean by sorry haan ? Meera rhetorically asked .Ma’am our boss loves bread jam and he did not part that thing  at his place so ….he requested our staff to make one set for him and they make it by keeping the stained knife covered  with silk scarf next to my chair she completed another manager’s statement  .Wow what  a lucky boss! Meera said exasperatedly and turned towards her table .Much before she could leave ‘Can anyone get the bill for me ‘she inquired .

Yes sure ma’am another manager said and instructed Dev to do the needful .When she leaves Dev winks at his boss who is munching his bread jam  through his glass cabin .The boss is none other Vasu …But once the bill is printed and brought to the table where she is seated .Looking at the bill she cries as she read “Sorry dearies Miss you dearies   and Love you dearies” a  note written from Vasu the boss of the Starbucks cafe .Namarata her niece who is opposite finds it a little awkward and tries to pacify her  by saying “Masi mom and dad will be  quiet happy upstairs that I am living with you  please stop crying now na..”Hearing this Meera looks at her niece Namarata and says ‘Beta Vasu uncle has expressed his feeling and has conveyed it via this bill “. Look at this Meera said pointing to the hand written note above the sum total of items that Meera  had ordered .Stunned Namarata blinks back her tears and runs to his cabin. Dev smiles at her knowingly .The moment Namarata barges into Vasu’s cabin .Dev goes out and brings a rakhi in front of Meera and requests her to tie it on his wrist .Therein the cabin  Namarata and Vasu stare at each other and embrace each other as ‘Namarata’ is his sister noisy’s daughter .A sister whom he never regarded due to her disability but today he is different man as   life has taught him a  great lesson by snatching away his happiness and peace of mind.

After tying and feeding each other with goodies. Meera finds Vasu standing next to Dev..Dev buddy bhai where is my gift  boss ?she queered 

Here is ….

‘Oh  shut your  mouth Dev bhai with your useless sense of humor’ Meera said snappishly. 

Vasu looks at us and laughs out loud .

What is so funny  about it ?Meera queered .

‘I am reminded of my sister noisy  when I see you both  fighting like this ‘Vasu painful replied .

‘Err.. bhai Dev I  like your gift and I am taking it for dinner  OK  na with you ‘ Meera said lighting up the environment.

‘Alone …’Namarata question .

‘Yes’ Meera said with a wink .

Namarata frowned at her and looks at Vasu for help.

‘No  Meera it would not be possible as I promised Namarata that I will spend a lot of Quality with her  today’ Vasu said painfully

‘Accha then spend  time with her ‘Meera says through her gritted tooth and leaves the cafe.

Dev… you witness this felt sorry for both as it is difficult to bring  V and M  together.

With Lots of Love

Author N 


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