Meera Meets Vasu in Vrindavan Gardens Society in Malad West

Good Evening Meera auntie! Saanvi says . ‘Hey she is not auntie call her Meera Di’ Shanky said frowning at  her. Meera smiled at them ‘It is not a  problem dearies ‘ . ‘Hey baccha log  when you all are going to start with decoration for janamashtami’ Meera   queered with a wink.

“Auntie…..I mean Meera Di your boss Vasu and the member of our society  Vrindavan Gardens have stolen my  idea and theme of this year’s Janamaashtami celebrations  and we have no funds left to recreate a  entirely new theme and idea for this year ‘s Janmaashatami celebrations ” Saanvi said having a sad face .

Oh I see …..Meera says in matter -of-fact -tone and tilting Saanvi ‘s sadden face up she  says ‘We can recreate an entire new theme and idea with whatever we have  so do not worry dear  ‘ .Here is list of things to be brought for decorating ‘dahi handi’.  Chalo chalo now  let’s  get back  to work   saying so she leaves  for work.

Ten minutes later she reaches her office in Malad  West via her scooter juggling the traffic .Once she reaches the office she finds all the cubical empty.But her boss Vasudeva cabin’s  glittered through light  coming from the sun rays   .She searched for  her boss everywhere but she could not find him any where around his cabin or his office  .Meera felt dejected and went back to her cubical.By the time she leaves the office  Meera hears his voice.Her boss Vasudeva is busy singing

 Fizool hai..
Fizool hai..

Fizool hai, tere bin mile jo mujhko zindagi
Mujhe faasle naa dena tu kabhi
Tere ishq ka hi ab to bas nighaahon pe
Chadha rahe nasha raat bhar

Main bhi sarfira
(Ho jaaun tere liye)
Tu bhi sarfiri
(Ho jaaye mere liye)
Main bhi sarphira
(Ho jaun tere liye)
Tu bhi sarphiri… [x2]

Hearing his voice Meera looks up from her cubical .Her boss Vasudeva is busy instructing people to decorate his cabin with Lord Krishna’s  and Dahi handi ‘s  cut outs   which are lying on her table .
Feeling dis gusted with him .She marches towards his cabin and pushes the table very hard in such a way that it hurts him .
Ouch!  Vasu exclaims .
Sorry sir but ..seeing  my colleagues in this  office doing something else my mind got disturbed and .. and so you gave a  push to this table like this Vasu says with his gritted teeth .Meera  ….people like you  do not deserved this kind of environment they deserve an  isolated environment. Haan haan and you deserve an environment where people tell lies just for the sake of telling and stealing someone ‘s  else ideas .
Look nobody ..has stolen any idea Vasu said without meeting her eyes .‘Then why are n’t making an eye contact with me Vasu ’ Meera questioned him .
Leaving a huge sigh Meera  says “ This idea and theme has come out of Saanvi’s brain at least you or your  staff should have asked for her permission before using her concepts  that girl is quiet upset now ”.
During Festive occasions like this do not make others unhappy at the cost of their own happiness .Saying this Meera leaves his cabin and picking her hand bag she goes out for some shopping sphere as her office is located near to  the market yard. Vasu is stunned by her words and forces Meera  to meet him in their  society Vrindavan Garden which is two lanes away from  his office to chat regrading recreation of an entirely new theme and idea for this year’s Janamashtami celebration  .
Happy Janamashtami to you all in advance !
 for #September Challenge 
With Lots of Love
Author N

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