Meera Weds Vasu part 9


Good Afternoon Krishna!

Oh Lord of Lords Today being of  your birthday I wish to take your interview .Who am I ? ha ha I am Meera ‘s Vasu  you must be knowing me dude

Vasu : Lets start with your interview  now  .

Krishna :(Laughing)  Wait let me  get  dressed up first as I  have got lots of  dresses wear which are  weaved by so many Radha’s .

Vasu : (exasperatedly says ) Yeah Yeah I will  wait.

Krishna :(Smiling at him ) Chalo lets start with the interview .

Vasu: (Adjusting his spectacles )Why you  are not coming down for Meera’s  sake as you know she loves you a lot ?.

Krishna :(Laughing ) Vasu…. because I have sent you for her.You are my replica.

Vasu : (Stunned ) Feeling  totally churned up  he says it cannot be possible.

Krishna : (Smiling at him with concern) Vasu it is just that you are not willing to open up.

Vasu  : (Smirking his nose) I  do not like her that much .

Krishna: (Looking at him intently) So you are saying that you don not like her at all  he asks him raising an eye brow  ?.

Vasu : (Irritated) Haan Baba

Krishna:  (Mischievously smiles ) So you want die soon.

Vasu : (Super Irritated) Shouts Haan Haan

Krishna :(Despondently says ) Tathaastu

 Vasu :Wonders  why ? .As he sees Meera entering the temple with a plate full of savories and pooja items.

With Lots of Love 

Author N


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