Vasu Pailful of love

Stunned is Vasu who does not know what his heart wants .He feels ridiculous about it and walks off to the  living room  where Mira is seated by His receptionist Suva.Suddenly his eyes falls on Suva’s changing facial expression when he walks towards Mira.Mira who is engrossed reading #daddy-journals.Hears the Tik -Tok Tik -Tok sound that comes from  his shoe heels.

Mira looks up by taking her  eyes off  from the interesting article which is well written by a daddy .”May I help you Ms Mira  with something “Vasu  intently asks her .”Yes  but I want to have a word with you in private” Mira spontaneously replied.Look whatever you want  to talk can be spoken here  Suva irritably  responded .  Hmm… I agree with Suva Vasu softly said .Mira stammered for words …at the very moment the door bell rang and Suva is forced to open the door .Mira quickly pulled Vasu and marched towards his cabin .On reaching his cabin  Mira extends her hand and extracts a letter to him written by Suva’s mother .Vasu takes the letter from her and reads it .

Suva’s mother writes  “Dear son,

I have not seen my daughter so bubbly and chirpy  since a  very long  time .I  know that Mira and you are in love with each other .I am forced to break her heart  just for sake of my daughter ‘s happiness  . So Please accept my sorry and do take a proper decision———- from not so strong mother ” 

Reading this letter Vasu cries aloud by throwing his arms around Mira’s shoulder like a small child .But Mira stands like a pillar and keeps on  caressing his hair  .Later on ….Vasu calms down as Suva enters his cabin .A stunned Mira tries to calm Suva of her  misinterpretation and misconceptions filled in her mind about her relationship with Vasu.Finally after calming her down Mira pats Suva’s cheeks and walks out his cabin and navigating via the living room she reaches the main door .After opening the door she waits for a while ..Seeing the framed photo of his grand parents  Mira leaves a deep sigh of unhappiness that  she cannot padre into  this house  like before whenever she wanted or wished as his parents never liked her as she did not have a  class  taste and walks off from there and Vasu’s life   which he sees from his bedroom.

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Feeling totally churned up  he goes to Mira residence and pours his pailful of love on her ..By making her stunned  in disbelief as Mira has always sacrificed  the good things that  comes in her away and due to which she has stopped expecting some  dreamy  things to happen in her life  …

Looking at smiling Vasu , Mira asks “Dear what will happen to Suva’s life  and heart ?”
Vasu mockingly  looks at her and says “Nothing” and adds ‘I can’t stay married to a person for whom  my heart  does not   feel anything more than friendship ‘.

Anyways Suva is just a 18 year old kids who has a crush so just leave it….saying so he swipes her feet off the floor and enters Mira’s king size bed room and makes love to her  while her mother handles Suva’s case with great zest..

With Lots of Love

Author N 


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