Meera ‘s eyeglasses

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Meera…please come inside the cabin  for a moment’ Vasu calls out while entering his cabin .Meera who is searching for her eye glasses did not hear his voice and launders here and there near her work place like a nomad .Few minutes later he calls in Aarti and tells her to type  a resignation letter and send it across to Meera .Aarti happily  beams at him and goes back to her cubical .Sid who is working on deadliest project hears the news of Meera being remove from Vasu office.He immediately hires Meera after having a verbal chat with her .

Meera has no time  to sob for any dull moment in her life  as her hands are full of projects and deadlines given by Sid.After joining Sid’s company she felt peace dawn upon her .Meera could finally enjoy what  she really  loved  to  do because she gets a job in the field of her passion IE. Writing .Vasu feels a bit odd after she is forced to leave his office  .Aarti who is behind him  tries to push herself closer to her ‘Boss’ Vasu  without being aware that she is been watched by his B.O.S.S .Sid .

Sid who proposal Meera finally gets a green signal from Meera’s brother .One day while  Sid  is having his breakfast with his daughter Kaira he finds her lost in thoughts. Kaira what happened baccha ?Sid asks .‘I do not like Meera Auntie ’ comes a prompt reply from her .Hearing these words from a kid Meera who stands near the entrance vanishes from the sight .She goes and sits on the bench of LG park staring at the tress blankly .Suddenly she finds Aarti and Sid laughing at her from a distance .But she keeps quiet and smiles back weekly at them as she realizes that she once again has been trapped by them in their dirty game of becoming powerful .

Much before she left LG park Meera tilted her head toward  and said “Best Of Luck “. Slowly and steadily she crossed the road which was always , is and  will be jam packed forever  like this.The way in which she crossed the road .The street children and vendors started laughing at her .Some whistled at her , some clapped and some appreciated her spirits and guts .Smiling at them and thanking them  she felt her day has been made .

On reaching the other side of the road and getting inside her ‘Renault Duster — the latest SUV ‘and  when she is about start it .At that time she find  Vasu clapping aloud with smile Meera turned her face towards him .He looked gorgeous  as the street light falls on his face  .His features made her feel good .“Vasu you are looking too good  to eat ….I  feel like enjoying every bit of you   ”Meera says this by having a mischievous smile on her lips .

“Cough Cough ….As you wish my dear provided if you wear this thing  ”Vasu says by producing a packet from his pocket .

It is her eyeglasses and solitary ring that  which she left it behind her .Looking at him with tears in her eyes Meera thanks him  a lot and kisses Vasu’s lips passionately for the first time .As Vasu has finally stopped fighting with her for her quirkiness and accepted her soulfully with all his love in his eyes 

With Lots of Love 

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2 thoughts on “Meera ‘s eyeglasses

    1. Sorry for the delayed response 🙂 . Thank you for the kind words Vishal. Very true Love is complex which scares the hell out of me as it consists of various components like , happiness , mushiness , cheerfulness and most important sadness if broken apart 🙂

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