Meera weds Vasu Part 10

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‘Meeru dear please open the door no’Her mother says standing in front of the door as she  sees Meeru coming home after buying some items for making ‘Pizza’ .

‘Arre Ma  your kitty party is over so fast  today  ‘Meeru questions  her .

‘Yeah Yeah  ‘It is all because of Vasu’s aunt being present there who was busy boosting about  his achievements .

‘Ha ha I know Ma and all other ladies expect you might have boosted about their children’s achievements and due to this you left the kitty party hai na   ‘Meera said pointedly.

‘Haan haan Mera baccha ‘Her mother said smiling at her as she finally enters their house .

After having her daughter’s hand made PIZZAS her mother tries to brochure the same yet a boring subject called ‘Marriage’.Sensing the same quiver on her lips ‘Ma Not Again’ Meera says switching the T.V. on .But Child! her mother exclaims and goes back to do routine work of making garlands for the lord .While watching T.V. her phone pinged with a message “Waiting for you  in your building garden dear please come down otherwise …I will have to come to our place”.Reading Vasu’s message brought a blush to her face .Ma I  am going down she says  by turning  off the T.V.Hmm  OK… go down . Beta I think your idiot is waiting for you her mother said while her hands  busy making garland.Shocked Meera blinks her eyes in disbelief as she did not know what to react in this situation .

Meera slowly hugs and kisses her forehead and goes down to meet her idiotic lover Vasu who makes her look beautiful.

With Love

Author N


4 thoughts on “Meera weds Vasu Part 10

    1. Thank you Belly Bytes 🙂 .Isn’t it a great way of penning our own stories here rather than getting it published somewhere else where there are people who would not appreciate OUR efforts and talent .?
      With love

      Author N

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