Vasu Weds Meera part 11—-His Ugly Duckling

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What happened dear Deena why are you pulling me ?Vasu enquires as he is collecting his files which he had kept it on the kitchen counter .
His house has a  open  kitchen  so whoever is in living can smell  and see what is getting prepared  there .And today being a working day Vasu  who was getting late to his office simply prepared a small sober meal of ‘ lemon poha ‘ for Deena and himself . It has been 2 years since his break up with  Madam Meera  as she could not accept Deena as her own child and  he was not sure about the by products she would give him .
Deena is mute child who cannot express quickly .This complication erupted when Deena’s mother Rithika (Meera’s friend) was found   with some complication  when his daughter was  on her way  to enter the  world. Rithika was normal girl who had great figure and attitude towards life  .She was far more  superior to Meera in every sense and that made him fall in love with her. Rithika was a drinker that  boosted his pride  as he had finally got a sophisticated working girl.Whereas Meera was not like Rithika  she was a simple girl with simple dreams of looking after  the house and wanted to  have a lots of kids.
Suddenly his mind snapped him back to reality where Deena was refusing to have his  home made’ Lemon Poha’.In irritation he said some harsh condemning words that hit the core the child’s heart .Vasu immediately tried being cocky and coy with her but she refused to accept  his love and went for play .
Shit yaar ! Vasu frowns and leaves for work by giving the house keys to his neighborhood .Seeing Deena play with neighborhood’s son he felt happy that  the situation was under control  .But it was not as his neighborhood had planed to loot  him by using Deena as bait .
Since the child was so sweet  his neighbor dropped the plan and join the children in their fun until Meera entered the scene.
Looking at Meera the children went up to her and stretched their palms for an autograph.
What is are name  ?Meera asked the children.
Suyash! the neighbor’s son said and this Deena Vasu’s mute  daughter the neighbor piped in .
Oh I see  !Meera exclaims and sits on the sofa which was offered to her by the neighbor .
While observing the child   she finds something in the purse  for Deena .Deena and Suyash here this is for you both.
What is this ?He questions .
Open and see it for yourself she says and looking at neighbor she asks her ‘Can I take Deena out for sometime?’.
Yup the neighbor says calls Deena out .Deena comes out in fury and stands next to Meera pinching her .
Beta…Auntie wants to take you out will you come with her and leave my son alone for sometime.
Deena was close to tears  , she willed those and nodded in delight .
Vasu who was busy with his work comes home late and sees Rithika completely sloshed.He thanked his stars Deena was under neighbor ‘s custody .Immediately after pacifying her about Meera ‘s whereabouts .He rings the neighborhood’s  door. To his utter surprise he finds no one there .Vasu immediately goes down in search of his neighbor but to his utter dismay the neighbor says “Deena has gone out with Meera to Shopper’s stop Mall”.
‘Tch’ Vasu feels.
Meera who was holding Deena  was feeling perturbed that she was not interested in opening her heart up.Slowly after buying few dresses for her , playing games with her she  finally settle her down  in the food court by  ordering some snacks for them .Deena finally speaks out ‘Auntie , Sorry to keep you in dark .I am Rithika’s daughter ’.Hello.. what did you say ? she asked tickling  her.
‘You are not mute child then why you are   not speaking to your family ‘Meera questioned her intentions.

“Auntie because my mom is high pitch drinker who poured drinks in my mouth when I was barely 2 month old baby and my father Vasu  your ex  was so busy socializing with her did not feel the need   to ask my mother what was happening to me and yesterday when I  saw your hoardings  my  heart felt happy that I would be able to meet you once again like those times when you used  to make a mop visit to our building to see my father ”Deena  spat all  whatever was in her heart to Meera when  Vasu who had come near the table to grab a hold of his daughter Deena heard every bit of her statement .

Vasu paled away .
Finally when Meera left  mute Deena  home .She sees a unusually warmth in his eyes which hurt her eyes to a great extent and that made her and Deena look at him having confused expressions on their faces. Grabbing Meera by her shoulder he kissed her face thoroughly without  giving her chance to breath .Meera who initially felt awkward gave rein to her emotions  by pressing a soft kiss on his swollen lips and leaves his place before Rithika came out of her  room  .As she did not break the rekindled friendship between  them  .
Today his ugly duckling had showed her worth by  taking  his mute Deena out in order to find the truth  which his daughter had withheld  from him.
With Lots of Love ,
Author N

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