Meera’s Mom dressed to the nines

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Hey Vasu dear what’s up ?Meera questions as she goes down to meet him.  ‘Jaan I  love you’ he replies in a least romantic way .‘Gah I  know dear but … but cannot you say these words in a more romantic way’ she asks him mockingly  . Aren’t you happy with the way I  have proposed you ?  Vasu enquires while nuzzling her nape .Hmm…. give me a sec to think about it. Umm Hmm V.A.S.U…  her voice called out his name   in a  very hoarse tone as her mind  went blank because his love drugged her to such a extent that lead to their passionate encounters  in the past .

Meera could not bear his torture  and slowly unbuttons his shirt with her right hand and with her left hand she touches the soft and smooth skin of Vasu’s back .Vasu who has been kissing her moans aloud and breaking apart from her touch  he questions “So madam what do think of my love” .

Meera blushes and buries her head on his chest Vasu starts playing with her dress . Unzips it and pushes the dress down to her shoulder and turns her around .Kissing her shoulder  he pushes a diamond ring in the middle finger and proposes his love to her this time in a most romantic way .

Meera shuddered a lot at his onslaught and whispered‘Darling I  love you a lot ’ .

Dear tomorrow is Mom’s  half century birthday and I  haven’t got her any gift please suggest me a gift .Hmm …This news would be a big surprise to her . ‘Yes’ Meera says with her shining in delight .

Next day when she sees her Ma dressed to nines Meera is stunned to see her like this as she never dressed up so elegantly .With her dressing sense she would feel her mother arrogance that forced her to back out from what she was going to  give her  by sharing  the big news of her  engagement  with   Vasu .

With Lots of Love

Author N


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