Vasu’s Love mended Meeras future

Carolyn Wells : “Circumstances alter faces.” ?

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Vasu this is limit of stubbornness  you cannot get away with whatever you want or wish , his mother said and by the who is this Meera haan …Swathi inquired  .Stop it maa please for gods sake ! Vasu exclaims and leaves her chamber .Swathi is a great novelist and an actress you had a very arrogant attitude towards the week and meek. With this attitude she has won many battles with her husband Kishore in terms of money, status and other etc…things .She felt like entire universal is under her control .But one day after she abused Meera and threw her out of Vasu’s life  her kitty circle did not appreciate her and left her alone when she needed them the most.As her  kitty friends were great promoters of her movies and in recent past Swathi value as a novelist and actress went   low .She could take her defacement  so easily like others .

In the meantime due  to external circumstances created by Vasu ‘s mother that  forced Meera to get out  the bloody  soft-spoken Vasu’s life .

But to Carolyn Wells : “Circumstances alter faces.” ?Is it true Meera wondered  can it heal hearts she thought as she  boarded on  flight 567C to New York  where her brother Vikram lives with his family .His family consisted of Preeti , Pushkari and his beautiful wife Namarata whom she hated then…But today she wishes to hug her as Namarata had  supported her dreams of being a world  famous authoress  with the  book launch of her book called’ Happiness’.

Much before her flight  could land JFK Airport her flight met with a terrible accident .Some how  all the passenger, cabin crew , captain  and co Pilot  could  come out of the aircraft without hurting themselves .Vasu who is Captain of 567C flight sees Meeras arm bleeding profusely .Immediately he calls for medical attention from the very spot were the plan landed .The aircraft had  landed in such a place from where the passenger could commute to JFK  Airport easily by road and so ..most of the passengers requested their relatives to en route their ways there . The relative of the passengers who were worried about the safety of their loved ones  expressed their gratitude towards the higher sources .Here Meera who was in Pain called her brother Vikram to make sure that he does some needful arrangements  to get her out of this  dingy place . “Bhai please please … help me to come out of this dingy place ”Meera queered .

To this her brother Vikram in a mocking tone said ‘Ask your BF Captain Vasu for help’.Gah! she exclaimed and ended the call .Vasu who has been  waiting for a medical officer gets a calls from Vikram .‘Hello bhai what’s up , err why did call  me now?’.

Hmm Arre buddhu ram I  just called you to inform that we are going on holiday to Peterson Hill near Shimla for a month’s time and so… what ?Vasu asked him in a  most  roaring voice  .And so you have look away  my dearest silly sister who loves you like hell  in all respects .‘No way  bhaiya ’I …. he stammered .

Idiot Vasu .. when are you  planing to propose her after I  go upstairs Oye hero this is right time  to propose her come on man do it ! , Vikram said .This statement of Vikram brought a smile to his face .‘OK bhai ’ Vasu says and keeps his phone down by cutting the call .

Suddenly turning his face towards he bends his head and gives Meera an intimate kiss in front of the passengers , cabin crew and co-pilot . Meeras whose hands were aching in pain felt better and raising  her injured arm she pulls his head down and blows a hot kiss inside his mouth .Finally a car comes to pick them up .A kind Vasu helps her while getting inside the car   .Taking to the nearest hospital Meera gets  her hand   plastered  by the doctor  who also  takes a X-ray of her arms .Once again Vasu helps her while getting  inside the car  .Meera pays and  waves her hands to the doc who treated her .While they were traveling Vasu puts a steady hands around her by making her feel comfortable eventually she falls asleep on his shoulders that brings a smile to  his face and he too sleeps as the car sped to his apartment in Newyork  .‘Sir we have reached the apartment’  His driver spoke .Ah ! Thank you John for your service , sweetheart  we have reached home he says while waking up Meera.

Meera slowly open her eye lids and finds herself in Captain Vasu’s solid arms  her blushes had betrayed her so she could not hide them in the nick of the time .Captain Vasu lays her down on the bed and removes her shoes and  cloths .Then he also removes his cloths   and slides next to her. Later on  he nesting closely  on her side  , pressing his nose on her  cheeks he says ‘Dear Meera ,Carolyn Wells says  “Circumstances alter faces.” Would you let the past go and will you be my life long valentine . I  know it is hard to let go all the negative things but still ..try karna toh banta hai na…’

Meera smiling through her tears and says ‘YES’ which made him crush his body to hers and removes the  heart ache caused by his mother with zest .

On hearing the news his mother Swathi the great  actress and novelist feels annoyed as she never expected Meera to rebound  with her son Vasu .

Years went by  making  Swathii a great trouble-shooter  now her  the record is been broken by her  illegitimate daughter ‘Maya ‘.

With lots of Love

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