Love is symbol of happiness

‘Love is symbol of happiness ‘Shirley read.The line in the poster must be written by typical ‘Romeo’type guy  who is in love with his Ms XYZ  she thinks warily and goes to the  nearby bus stop  .Seeing the college sports hero standing there ,  her heart beats louder than usual .Her hands brushes off his shoulders and then their story begins.Slowly and Steadily their love starts rotting like the rotten potatoes and then they split away .

Five years later ,Niharika holds a letter penned to him by Shirley .She suddenly asks him ‘Why you did not inform me about Shirley and your relationship before ’.He gives a  long and painful look .Sweetheart Niha this things I  do not wish to tell you during your Pregnancy  state .

‘Chill yaar ’he says while wearing his uniform .Captain Saheb  aap bahut khoob zacch rahe ho….Niharika said.

‘Hai na’ He questioned . She nodded in YES, then get ready to fly with me  Mrs.Captain  Niha   . Love is symbol of happiness  , he says and picks her up in his arms .‘‘Haan haan Love is symbol of happiness  for this sports hero  as he can twist the cheerleaders and other girls under his magical spell called CHARMS ”.Niharika said with  little ting of Satire in her statement .

Hearing this statement the Captain /sports hero came with smart retort  by saying “Niharika nayi tales are notorious to note”.

To this Niharika frowns for bit  but smiles as  “Sunrise  of hope began to rise up in  their lives ”.By tearing Shirley and his memories the captain said ‘Niha..for me Shirley never  meant anything she never liked any of the mushy stuff which to some extent I liked and so …our relationship ended with a bitter taste in bile and today I wish let go my past by burning these memories ’

Will you now allow me to do so?  he asked her .

‘Niharika  nodded her head and hugged him with great reverence  ’

As see could read ‘Love is symbol of happiness ’ that emitted through his eyes .

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I have written this post for #WYOW3 


With lots of Love

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4 thoughts on “Love is symbol of happiness

    1. Very true :-)francene but if nature is being destroyed by other human beings then..whom would a person approach to …
      Thanks for stopping by .Seeing you after a very long time .
      Have a great day .

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