Vasu weds Meera Part 12—-His Adoration

Vasu…..Meera calls his name out soft as his fingers trail down her neck in circulation while his left arm is  busy unzipping her dress to her shoulders .After that with his mouth he plants a soft  kiss on her  left cheek and entangles   his  fingers with hers  by giving Meera the time to feel his heat against her body .By the time he moved to adore  her right cheek .Vasu hears  a soft voice  calling out his name .

Meera closes  her eye lids  as Vasu trails his nails and lips on it .The hot sensation of his lips  is making  her  feel dazed she turns around  , with the help of his fingers she unbuttoned the top most button and the buttons that covers his most of chest and then buries her head there and starts crying like a baby .Shh…. no tears dear , I  am sending Kaira to a boarding school.Why?Meera questioned him through her sobs .

Because ..this will make her realize , her father ‘s feeling and not what Shirley  wants .“Did Shirley come to your  place  but kyun?” ‘I  don’t know dear ’ he said by pulling her head towards his face .

On seeing her face  his heart ‘Twisted’ in pain  .He Rubs off  the   tears that   are running  down her cheeks  by saying  ‘No can  harm you any more, like I  did  by calling off our wedding ’.Accha…. lets see  she says and hugs him tightly .Coming off from the warm embrace  Meera says “Vasu…. don’t think whatever hurt you have given me in the past did not harm me  ,  it only broke my trust …you understand no ”.

Hmm Vasu says and kisses her face by dropping million of kisses around her face which felt like ‘Morning Dew’

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4 thoughts on “Vasu weds Meera Part 12—-His Adoration

  1. I enjoyed reading this post, but as this is my first time here, I was curious about this series. Are you publishing a novel part-by-part on your blog?

    1. Very true Lata 🙂 . But today’s 21st century Gen X kiddos don’t know about this fact .And even if their are aware of this fact they would not follow it .As Breaking somebody’s heart for pity reasons has become a fashion these days .
      Thanks for stopping by .

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