Vasu’s manly hands and his charming features

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“Vasu….I  am so happy for you  that I  cannot wish  anything more for you  from  the upperwala ”Meera said cheekily .Accha… he pulls  her closer against his body by letting his body heat to create  an erotic behavior in her by filling her mind with passion .Meera felt like his manly  hands provoking her to  get aroused and with a due consideration she gives way to the pent-up emotions in her to explode for the need that  Vasu creates in her  . Fire of passion and desire starts building  between them .Meera who is finding it very difficult to control sexual frustration  , she just  turns around and turning his face around  towards her she plants a passionate kiss on his lips and cheeks  .Vasu instantaneously responds to her  in delight by swallowing her mouth into his .They were so busy  kissing each other  that Vasu forgets to kick-start his Renault Duster AUX  .Suddenly hearing the Pom Pom sound emitting  from other vehicles  he is  forced him to start it as the signal had turned green  .

After starting it and moving forward for a bit  , he and other passer-by vehicle had  to stop the vehicle again  as the signal on the S.V. road  that which takes them to linking road  showed 200  .The signal was taking his own time .Being Saturday , people tend to go out on long drives like  them ,he thought and  smiling at Meera whose blushes were betraying her Vasu said ‘Thank you for wonderful treat darling ’while peacefully waiting for signal to become green  .The man of the passer-by vehicle   comes closer to their vehicle  , lowering down his  window pane of  his side .He starts screaming at him and says   “Because of the  mushy stuff  that you both were doing  in the car , I  am getting delayed for daughter ‘s birthday  and I  have not purchased  a gift for her.When I will go the local RK  market to get a  gift for her  and at what time I will reach home Hey bhagawan help me ! ” ‘So Sorry Sir ’Vasu said with smile  and Meera stretches and gives him a bouquet full of colorful flowers  which Vasu had  got for her through his side of window  .After receiving the bouquet and after inspecting it closely  , he sees Vasu through his blazing eye .But Vasu’s charming features and his smile on lips  ,  melted the anger of man who was getting delayed .

When the signal showed 10 ,Meera and Vasu beckoned him to go a little forward by pointing  the signal meter  to him .Profusely Thanking for the gift  , the man of the  passer-by vehicle moves his car a little and then vanishes  from there by making Meera and Vasu really  happy now r as they could do a good deed today by sharing their  joys with a child  and then  finally they reach their destination i.e. Inorbit Mall  for shopping   some accessories for their home appliances by navigating through the heavy traffic on  street of the linking road  .


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