Meera Weds Vasu Part 13 @ A Promise

Meera looking at old pics feels her emotions getting choked up in her throat as  her mother  who once  loved her every move and tales which she swung   , but today  when she wants to marry Vasu who fills  her heart and life  , her mother  is refusing   from marrying  her love  Vasu  by telling Meera to break her engagement with him. Later that night Meera makes a promise that she will never marry as“ Marriage is soulful thing ”.After making a  promise like this she helplessly goes to sleep .

The very next morning , her mother threatens her to break all the ties with Vasu, Vasu who almost reaches her house and hears Meera’s threatening say ‘MA I HAVE GONE THROUGH A LOT TROUBLES IN MY LIFE , SO PLEASE STOP ACCUSING VASU OR ME  FOR THINGS THAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE PAST  OTHERWISE….YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY A HUGE PRICE FOR IT .AS I WILL BE FORCED TO MOVE OUT OF THIS VILLA  AND START LIVING IN WITH VASU IN HIS VILLA..’got my point

Meera ‘s mother is stunned to hear these  words and  tries hitting her hard by striking her face   , but Meera had stopped her from doing so …by giving  her mother’s promise i.e. Meera’s grand ma ‘s promise .

Later on Meera went to her Dadi’s room , seeing her Dadi play with her rosary .Dadi …Meera calls out  .Looking up at Meera , she smiling said “Call Mr.Vasu home.. ”Oh Dadi  ! Meera exclaims and calls Vasu from her Dadi’s room .Vasu comes home  through the back  door route of Meera’s Villa .Seeing her mother expression , he runs up stairs to meet Dadi .Dadi on looking  at way in  which Vasu  arrives at her place ,she smiles engagingly at him .Then when Dadi enquires about his progress in his career, he simply smiles and  says ‘It’s good’.

Accha…then what are you waiting for ? Dadi asked reading his face .Then Marry Meera me no ! she exasperated.

To this Vasu said “Dadi I  have come heer  to take her  mom’s grace and ask for Meera hand ..”.Dadi laughing said ‘She won’t give you anything as she is so possessed  about Meera that she has developed a strange  guts   to hurt her own daughter million  of times in this regard ’.

But still Dadi….Vasu pleaded with her and left her room .While coming door the staircase  he takes a look around her Villa  that looks so deserted like Meera feelings.

Meera who was standing on edge of staircase asks “Now what POA?”.

Vasu .. did not speaks and vanishes away from the place .As he did not know what to do? .Laughing to himself , he goes to his office seeing his friend staring at him ‘It ‘s not done’ Vasu says  that makes his friend smiles and he then pushes his sister proposal in front of him to Vasu’s shock .

Meera …is my love and I  shall have her as my wife  ’ he said with a strange disbelief in his eyes  as he believed his friend too such a extent that he never expected this out of him .

Hearing these words , Vasu’s friend went back to his cabin by smirking at him .

Meera feels hurt and goes to her room as she has now understood that ‘Loneliness is part and parcel of her life ’while she sets her thinking in such lines .There stood Vasu at the entrance.Rubbing her eyes  in order to get a clearer  picture  as she could believe that he is standing in front of her  , she goes forward and touches  his faces and then he smilingly  kisses her lips with a lot of tenderness  . The sensation of which is still lingers on her lips  even now after completing 5 years of their married life like his love because till today her mother hasn’t come to see them  to grace her blessing on them  .

Today Meera only wishes from her upperwale Krishna bhagwan ji  that  ‘he should give her  husband and two fraternal kids KIARA and TEJAS  a long and healthy  life to live  ’.

With Lots of Love

Author N


2 thoughts on “Meera Weds Vasu Part 13 @ A Promise

    1. So sorry for the delayed response Vishal :-).Had gone out for few days. Thank you for the encouraging words. Your words acts like booster dose for me .
      Thanks for dropping in .

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