Vasu and Meera reminiscing their childhood @Marve Beach

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Meera let’s go to the Marve Beach yaar  it has been long time since we have not  got our PQT  i.e. Personal quiet time  Vasu says as he looks up from his laptop. “No..dear” we have not got the so called ‘WE TIME’ Meera said laughing at him .So it seems like you want have that kind of fun today.What best than a beach  dear ! he says and picks  her up in arms and goes down .On reaching the parking a lot of KG society  , he  then deposits her on the bonnet of the car and gives a swift kiss .The Mere sensation  of his lips made her  feel  dazed in delight. Vasu watches  her for a while  but  suddenly he says ‘Chalo let’s go’.This breaks her revive and slowly and steady Meera jumps off the bonnet and joins Vasu in his joy ride to the beach .

While they were inside the car Meera kept her hands on his thighs and caressed his thighs with the tip of her fingers  .“Meera…sweetheart  don’t do this  hear ” Vasu groaned aloud. Meera laughed at his statement and asked “Still feeling like randy teenager?”  to this he simply smiled and muttered ‘Wait till I  get you alone  ’.Awwh…honeyji ,I will wait then  she said still playing with his thighs .

Vasu looked  cool and sexy in his casuals  .The blue jeans reflected his charming features  .On reaching the Marve beach Vasu stretches his arms , limbs and everything to remove the strain caused to him while driving .Meera sees this slight and her heart does a small flip flop .Meera dear please come over hear na , he pulls her towards him and teases her lips tentatively .

Vasu smiles at her a lot as if he  is reminded of something  which  had happened between them long long years ago .She too responds  to him sweetly as if she is agreeing with that smile of his .Slowly  coming out of his warm embrace Meera looks at him and says “Lets go and start making a castle for our Cinderella”‘Lets Go and Make a castle Yayy  ’Vasu said  his voice beaming with happiness as his current muse or Cinderellas are  his daughters Tiara and his beautiful wife Meera….While making the castle a wave dashed it by ruining the entire structure of the castle .Vasu protected the outer structure by using his arms and Meera used her palms to protect the inner structure of the castle .Then there comes A bigger wave and  hits  the castle and it  breaks down into ashes  .Feeling very dejected Vasu mutters a curse and sit on sea shore , watching the people tweeting to one another  and kids enjoying their vacations .

Vasu look , Meera queered ans said “Don’t you remember our romantic days and childhood days when you see them ” Vasu delightful nodes at her and pull her close to his body .Meera nudges closer to his body and feels his warmth .

Err …Meera I miss our childhood days ki masti , sharaarat and young intimidating romance .I wish we  should not have not grown up only  but whenever I see our princess Tiara playing with sand  I  feel so jealous of her ki what to tell you yaar……

OMG !Meera exclaimed and starts throwing on him .Dear stop it ! Vasu said and he starts to do the same thing with her with a great vigor .In the meantime  they both get t drench in mud and starts laughing at each other and then they run behind each other  , smashing water on each other as if it is the  festival  of colors.Finally feeling saturated they lay on each other  for  sometime . Later on when the skies to tell  them it is 8:30 pm  now  they left the beach with a warm smile on their faces as they are carrying bench shells along with warm memories that which this beach has given them today .Finally they reach home and Tiara comes out and shouts “Awwh  Sheesh   Mom and Dad   what is this ?”.

Vasu smiles and hugs his princess  Tiara  , making her feel muddy muddy ..


With Lots of Love

Author N


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