Vasu Weds Meera Part 14

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“Meera  can you believe it this is what was going to happen to us ” Vasu asked painfully pointing his index finger towards the two  grey haired ladies  .Meera stood in silence  painfully and patiently  without uttering any word as she sees   the war of the wills going on between the two grey haired women   .After waiting for few minutes Enough !she shouted and went from the  the dinning hall and entered her study. Vasu watches her  and marches towards her  study silently .“Vasu  can you believe it this is what was going to happen to us ” she asked the same thing which Vasu had asked her few minutes ago with tears in her moist eyes .

‘Never ’he said softly and hugged her tightly .They still  were fighting with each other in such a manner that Vasu and Meera could not stay any longer in her study and they come running out  by saying “We do not want you both  to come with your hen -pecked husbands to our house  as you both have created mockery of such a small issue .Just leave our house now ”Both Mothers  are stunned at   their behavior and leave their place within minutes  by muttering a curse .Once they reach the entrance  both the mother queered ‘Do not come to us crying if something in your lives  goes wrong ’.

To This Meera asked ‘What more can go wrong in our lives   expect the fact that you  both grey haired women have not accepted us like  the rest of world has accepted us . This fact that  you both mothers are in zest of breaking our relationship like you both had tried to ruin our lives like this  five years when Tiara and Tejas were three year old kids  this  world and the  society in which we are living in right now  , very well knows about it ’ .

What do you mean by that child ! His mother questions her .‘Does it mean we are interfering with you all  , quiet a lot ’.

Hmm……Mummyji  ‘ Yes ’Meera  said .Mummyji , you know Vasu misses you a lot but because you both have not accepted us  he is behaving oddly and on top of that if you fight like my mother does   where will we go ? She questioned .Hearing Meeras words she looks at her mother and says “How can you ill treat your own child like this ” .Meera’s mother simply shrugs off the shoulder and walks away from Vasu′s mother .

“Sahib Courier ”the courier guy who brings in a parcel  says with smile on his face in the midst of this commotion .

Taking  the parcel from him Vasu signs the courier slip , the courier guy  leaves and when Vasu reads  the TO and FROM addresses  he smiles at Meera in delight and states ‘Your book Two Mothers  have been realized  with fifty positive reviews  published on amazon .in by the book reviewers .Hear are ten copies of the book  which requires your autograph  Mrs Vasu – the great entrepreneur’s wiffy  ji ’.Turning  towards him  , she pulls his head towards her and kisses him soundlessly and thanks him for his  help .

When  she kisses  desires ignites in his body and he pulls her against the wall   from where their families  cannot locate them .Keeping the parcel down on the parked scooter, he slowly unbuttons his shirt and slides her dress down to her waist and bites  her necks  by swallowing  all the moans from  her and thrust his body into her by feeling her soft body on his hard  smooth chest .She inhales his sweet body  fragrance  which  he has poured on himself.The after shave cologne took away her  breath .Feeling dazed  she wrapped her around him and repeatedly conveys  her ‘Thanks ’ to him  for helping. Vasu pulls her still closer to his body and says‘My Pleasure Shreemati ji ’and then they  starts kissing ,  laughing , moaning and groaning at each other .

 Vasu and Meera’s mother suddenly stop their risque with each other when they see their children have disappeared from their respective places and the bemused expression on their husbands faces made them  feel a lot more embarrassed  at their own actions .

Slowly and steadily they went off from the society ,this leaves  a tiny smile on Meera and Vasu’s lips as they were watching every  happening  from the place where they are  still making their love .

With Lots of Love 

Author N

This story I have written for Wordy Wednesday #1- November 2015 #WordPrompt


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