Vasu kisses Meera in a Diwali bash

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Meera drinking her wine  suddenly sees her boss Vasu standing next  to her .He looks awesome in golden sherwani .She who has been staring  at him is snapped back by her friends  as they drag her to the ball room  to  jive along with their boss Vasu  .They jive with Vasu for sometime which turns down Meera’s mood. Disgusting ! she grunts and leave the ball room and goes out of the party to breath some fresh air as people out there are ever ready to make fun of  her .Vasu silently stands behind her and squeezes her shoulders .A shudder runs through  her spine and she turns to face him .Their eyes  tentatively met .Vasu then puts his hands around and kisses her lips , Meera too returns with a same vigour. “Hmm so ….. you did not like fun happening inside the party hall ” Vasu questioned her while nuzzling her nape . Then what…..all the gazes of your employees were  “QUESTIONING ” my appearance there and I could not handle their gazes and so … ran out of the party Vasu said by completing her statement  and pulling her still closer to his body.She played with the buttons of his sherwani and then slowly she unbuttoned  them and place her right hand side of her face there .Slowly and steadily  , he started to play with other half of her face  by pulling her cheeks and kissing them with his soft and juicy lips .

I  love you V.A.S.U….. Madame Meera  says after a while  coming out of  his warm embrace .Vasu smiled  warmly  at her and said “Same to you and anyway Happy Diwali to you  dear ” .

‘Same to you’before she could Vasu takes her mouth into his and kisses her passionately that buckled her down .

Suddenly , people who are  enjoying   the party  .Notices that their boss Vasu has disappeared from the party circuit .While searching for him  in and around the party hall , from  no where Vasu appears in front of them having a goofed grin on his face.

With lot of love

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