Vasu Weds Meera part 15

Photo Source : www.asianpaints .com

Wow  , Mom  what a lovely colour choice Kiara said with her arms calling to huge her .Oh my baby is becoming lighter and lighter day by day in every way  Mira said by lifting her dear daughter — her twinkle of her eyes up .‘Tejas ….’ Vasu holds him by his collar because  he keeps on dumping into his ex -girlfriend Shirley at Asian Paints expo  held at NESCO  .‘Chalo lets go now ’Vasu says looking at Mira and his kids in exasperation .

Mira duly understands his concern and leaves the expo by bidding her good byes to  the chief representative of expo Mr. Raghav . Vasu depositing his kids Kiara and Tejas on the back seat of  his Nissan Sunny  the SUV  and starts the  car  leaving a deep sigh .

Mira pushes his hair which is flopping on his forehead  with her long and elegant fingers , Vasu gives a swift  kiss on hers  cheeks while driving his car  .

Few minutes later when he finds  his two beautiful kids busy sleeping .He takes a U  turn and parks his car  in the parking slot of a mall and relaxes his muscles for sometime  .While shutting his eyes in pretense , Vasu finds Mira going to  into a dreamless sleep but  then when she was about to do it  he puts his hands on her chest .Mira smiles at his sleepy form and pulls her seat behind and lays down there relaxing like Queen but….the moment Vasu pulls her on his lap she comes to know about  the attitude of this  charmers in her life .“Vasu….” she hoarsely calls out his name . This makes  his senses go for a toss and then he slowly removes her shirt and gazes her the upper part body for a while and then turning her around to face him he slows unbuttons her  jeans by making her crave for more .She moans softly as he removes her jeans and throws it on the other side of his seat and then gentle starts playing with folds of desire  .This warms up her body and she with tantalizing need pulls off   every cloth on his body and thrust herself closer to him .Touching his velvety shaft , Mira desire  reaches at its pinnacle .Vasu who groans at  the onslaught , finally wraps her body and penetrates inside her by giving her a sense of their achievement . Staying there for a while .Vasu kissing Mira’s lips  says  “Wear your cloths ,we have leave now before our kids wake up”.Nodding at him   she puts on her cloths, Vasu  too puts on his cloths and starts the  car feeling very alighted. 

With Lots of Love and Hugs

Author N



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