Vasu Wrangles his manuscript out from the pubic’s eyes

“He kisses and teases her lips and it tasted sweet like never before ”This  is the openings  lines of his manuscript .Vasu who is entrepreneur  is trying his hand in  writing.Though , he owns  a  publication house  but he has never attempted writing ( of any sort )  .In fact he named his publication office as MV publishers.

It sounds similar to Mahaveer  publication Pvt Ltd.The owner of Mahaveer publishers did not appreciate  the work of this  husband -wife  duo  .So in order make  them feel  low  ,he brings his wife Sheila who also happens Vasu’s ex .

On day while  discussing some pointer regarding the book with his close sources  , Sheila enters his cabin without knocking and without thinking he shouts at  her .Suddenly  hearing a chorus  of words , he lifts his head up to see who is at the entrance that is  creating such a chaos here.

Ah the wicked witch is here! Vasu exclaims by making faces .Sheila laughed and said “I  am coming here on the behalf of Mahaveer publishers ”   and so….Meera piped in .

You know Meera how does our business works , she says and shrugs her leather jacket off her shoulders .

From  when did your husband employ you ?Meera queered . From yesterday but then why you are asking me this question ?Sheila countered  her by enquiring in this regard.

“Ha ha Sheila , your wealthiest and wicked husband does not know  to respect  why are you fooling yourself by creating a mirage for  living happily ever after as the boss of Mahaveer Publishers  does give a dam regarding these notions” Meera teasingly said .

Look…..Mind your own language  and business , she says and leaves the cabin in jiffy .“She is quiet a scandalous person  be careful while dealing with her ”Meera said painfully .

Dangerous ! Vasu added and leaves his cabin for a long drive  .Sighing at his statements she designs a cover for his upcoming book .The cover of the book looked like this 


Easter Chicks in egg

After designing it , she looked up from her computer  and sees  Vasu staring at her in delight .Laughing at cover image he says “So my leads protagonist are  bald  ”So sweet haan . Saying this Vasu covers his lips with hers and forces her to join  his party  organized by his colleagues as ‘his wife ’.Meera smiles at him and nodes her in ‘YES’and leaves with him for the party .The party started with great gusto ….but  ended with bitter taste in her bile as  the boss Mahaveer publishers did not respect their feelings and went against the norms set by publishers associations “By telling everyone present there that Vasu has copied his manuscript and is getting it published under his name  ”. Hearing this Meera who is hurt  marches towards him and strikes his face and says“By sending your wife Sheila on behalf of your company  is no great thing you have done  dammit  , because you have never respected her individuality ….. but as far as Vasu  my husband is concerned he respects my identity and is really a good parent to his kids .But what about you ? With what face you will tell your son  Keshav that you are the great owner of Mahaveer Publication Pvt Ltd.  ”Saying this she leaves the party abruptly , Vasu who follows her  hugs her from behind and says ‘I will wrangle my manuscript from the public ‘s eyes ’ Now let’s go and enjoy a long and peaceful weekend .True to his words , Vasu did it by proving his stand right .

Over the period of time ,Mahaveer Publication Pvt Ltd  . lost his shine and Sheila lost her charms and gained a lot respectability because   she understand the actual  meaning of life , love and satisfaction  today .And see sends a box full of chocolates to her newly acquired friend Meera .


With lots of Love 


Author N







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