Meera Weds Vasu Part 16


Meeru……. why did you leave me like this without giving me a second chance to speak my heart out to you .I  know I have been an unspeakable idiot who  could not drop those three power pretty words ‘I  love you ’that  maketh a person and heal a person’s hurt .But I  being a Mamma’s boy  I could not understand your matured behaviour and  thus  took a revenge not very sweet on behalf of half brother Venkat , Suks , Mamma and Vijaya Bhabhi  by hurting you off handedly at your book launch without having any second thoughts about “How would your family react after the way in which , I have been rocking our boat   called ‘Marriage ’ As marriage is a sacrament , you know ….Oh sorry this fact you very well know .Because you married despite  my  strange manipulating behaviour  .

I want to be like you , Meeru….A  girl who believes in happy ending .Sorry for losing my self control in the party hosted by you day before yesterday . He says this by wiping the tears off  by using  his left hand side shoulder and then slowly  lifts his face in  the direction of photo frame  where they had pinned up their happy days photos.

It has been six months  living like this ….. saying so  Vasu goes to his bar stand  where all   types and brands of wines were  available .He removes a glass of red wine and pours it in his  pink wine glass  which Meera had got for him  , soon after their marriage .

Soon after taking a sip , he feels tired and sleepy and the glass of wine drops from his hand and falls on floor by breaking  into pieces .

But when he wakes up the next day he stamps his feet on the pieces and blood oozes out from the  soul of  his left foot   .Shanta Tai and Siddhant who come to his place by using his home keys feels a  perturbed and immediately  helps him out of this misery  by cursing Meera indifferent attitude and on the top of that Shanta Tai adds that ‘Meera Memsaab  is too proud of her being so beautiful ’

I will teach  a lesson to Meera , Siddhant says in a horrid voice .

“No need I  am happy  that she went away like this  because only after  her leaving me in lurk  like this , I  understand what a happy family mean s” Vasu said while  getting up from the sofa  with an excruciating pain .

Pa….and Jaan  , he could hear the voices of  his darling wife Meera and his daughters Deena and Padma  when his  feet almost turned towards the bedroom .

Seeing them at the entrance of his door  , he fly s like a kite and hugs them tightly .

Meera cries and says ‘Dear , I am so very very Sorry for my odd behaviour  ’‘Love you  sweetie’ . These sweet and kind words hurts him a lot and in return  to her generous behaviour/ act .Vasu merely drops those Three beautiful words “I  love you ”that fill one’s heart and kisses her lips generously .

Siddhant and Shanta Tai  smirks at them .

Finally when she could feel and smell the blood oozing from one of his  feet   , she immediately makes him sit on the staircase and bandages his the injured foot  by requesting a first -aid kit  from the  neighbourhood aunty .


Vasu feels happy and delighted to see her back and with a teasing looks  he asks “So are you take this  king on a joy rid ”. To this Meera simply smiles with Deena and Padma scratching their heads in confusion.


With Lot of Love and Happiness 

Author  N






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