Kiara ‘s Disney ki Safari

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“Kiara dear umm haa, I  love you dear thanks for understanding me but today ….I will see to that I finish my work on time and we  will take you to magical world of Disney  OK na dear ”Vasu said and asked her with his tightened chest .

Haan OK  Pa , she said by rubbing off her tears  but …she said pointing her index finger towards his nose. Vasu leaves a huge sigh and hugs her by kissing her cheeks .

Meera who is standing at the entrance of Kiara’s room  smiles to herself and busts inside her room by calling out her name .The two little puffed eyes look up from her father ‘s embrace and runs towards her  with a chatty face .Ma you know Pa has made a promise that

  • He will come home soon  today  after doing some imp work .
  • He will take me to Disney ki Safari , I mean to the magical world of Safari after dinner .

This much only Kiara baby , Meera queered by winking at her hubby dear who is busy working on his laptop then why you require this notepad  for .

‘To pen down my wishes and thoughts ’Kiara said nonchalantly.

Accha…OK I see  my princess wants to become like me . Hmm yes mom  I want to ….. ,Kiara said by striking her fingers under her nose .OK let’s get out of your room as Pa has some important work to do  saying so she kisses her daughter’s checks and goes out his  home office .

Meera prepares lunch for them with Kiara helping her by lying out a table for 3 people as Tejas Dada has  out for picnic with his friends to Esselworld.

Vasu was so busy with his work that he could  not make it to the dinning room .Slowly Kiara and Meera had a late lunch  without Vasu pinging her  a message that  ‘He would  be Skipping a family   lunch ’Shit  she banged the table with Kiara looking at her with tears in her eyes .

“What happened baby ”Meera enquired while serving her with a bowl full of her favourite  Onion Raita  .

“Ma can , we go out now as I  don’t think Pa will have time to take me to the  magical world of Disney ”Kiara requested .

Meera for a moment kept quiet and after a brief pause she said OK to Kiara request and marches towards Kiara ‘s room where her husband was working because he partial made Kiara ‘s room into his home office  .Vasu dear , I  need to talk to you she said as she entered the room .

Vasu who was engrossed did not respond to his stimulus and this behaviour of his irritated her  a lot  .Meera slowly marches towards and what she sees  is ?Vasu is talking to his ex GF Shirley .Meera is dumbfound when she reads the exchange of messages .Slowly and steadily  her body feels cold as she feels that Vasu has left her nowhere  now .

Suddenly feeling somebody shadow, Vasu lifts his head up to see .The moment when he sees Meera standing next to him , he freezes .Meera without saying a word  leaves the room  as Vasu did not like her at all and because of which he tries  to woo his ex .

Seeing the empty house , he feels lost because his ex Shirley without making a physical appearance here has looted him once again  .In the evening he goes  to her house  shamelessly  to get  looted once again by satisfying  her sexually urge  .She is after all a‘ seductress ’ who happened kill people’s honesty  by using her sexually  prows as a weapon  .

Shirley looking at Vasu starts behaving like a drooling dog who is starving  to taste a special  kind of bone which is lying on the other side of the  pool. After they  exchange some pleasantries , Shirley kissed his lips by not allowing him  to talk .Vasu pulls her off  “Shirley bitch , you are going up straight to hell as your Karnama is out in front of the entire world ” saying so he leaves her  house and calls Kiara up .Kiara and Meera who almost going to leave his residence are really overjoyed to hear his voice over Kiara ‘s mobile phone  . Because  they inwardly  were aware that  their Vasu ( as a husband and father  ) loved them more than himself and visa versa .

Pa , you are coming to show us ‘Disney ki Safari ’Kiara  asked .

Yes , he said in a delightful voice but he feared about Meera’s behavioural pattern .Now that she has read the series of messages exchanged between them she  would  behave   in a cold  and  formal manner  with him.Let’s see  what happens he  thinks  to himself and marched towards his flat .

After ringing the door bell, Kiara and Meera starts running  by shouting ‘I will be  the first one ’ ‘I will be the first one ’to reach the door bell .And once she opens the door .Meera sees Vasu’s smiling widely by showing off his thirty -two  sparkling  teeth s.

“So once again the fight who will open the door has began with a bang , isn’t it ?”Vasu queered while hugging his wife Meera and his daughter Kiara  whole heartedly.

By the time , they ate food and inserted a Disney CD it was already 12 pm and Kiara has  already fallen asleep  on the sofa by drooping a bowl of popcorn on the floor .

Taking his daughter inside their master bedroom,he whispered the story of Disney ki Safari into her ears that makes  him feel satisfied as his Kiara is much more beautiful  than the Disney princesses .

Wrapping his hands around his wife ‘s waist , Meera  and he sleep peacefully …

“Sometimes in search for happiness we forget to look within ”Anonymous


With Lots of love


Author N  






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