Meera Weds Vasu Part 17


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Veer……., how can you do like this ?.Have you informed about your current muse Vandana to your parents ? .Meera questioned  him.

Disgusting  ! he exclaimed and leaves for  home but Meera stops him by saying “Don’t think that my love story is rosy tale, your friend cum brother  Vasu never like me at all in the initially years  when we kept on  dumping into each other  at the office  parties  hosted by Vasu and co.”It was truly a disgusting feeling because I  could never  stand by for whatever Vasu uttered in public about my love for him  you see Veer .

But …..Veer stammered  a lot for some  right words  to frame a perfect statement .“Hmm, I  never spoke to you in this regard because I was well aware Vasu loved me subconsciously to an great extent ”Meera smiling looking  at a confused  Veer whose face was slightly crinkled .Wah re ! I thought my dearest friend Meera would  not confide in me with these kind of matters but I am impressed  , Veer said by hugging and muttering an endearment ‘My strong baby ’ in her ears. Meera blushed a lot at his words .“Our love story  too started in an office where I was her boss ….. and  when I  proposed her , what happened after that is something which  we wish to forget it ”Vasu said by patting his shoulder lovingly with a bitter sweet smile playing on his lips .

Veer , so we are trying to protect you from heart break .Iss me kya heart break hai Meera dear? Veer queered  .‘Hmm…… it looks like your romance is Tawa Fresh ’Vasu nonchalantly said .

No yaar  ! Veer explained .Then….. Meera raising her eyebrows and stretching her eyes wide in delight asked .It is age old romance , and I  have not told anyone about my Vandana existence in my life .

“Oh ,I see ”Meera  who is working in the kitchen said by keeping the dish cloth aside and looking at him   she asks ‘Does it mean that you are feeling guilty about  you hiding this collusive information from us ?’

‘Yes ’Veer replies .

‘Then just  leave her ’Vasu says and gets up from the sofa to make a two cups of ginger tea for Meera and him .

Veer is stunned to here such a statement coming from his dear brother cum friend .

Vasu….. what are you saying  boss ? Veer questions him uncomprehendingly.

Look Veer Vandana cannot accept your SIL ‘s existence in your life and so… you want me to have break up with her , Veer  completed the statement by  sarcastically adding OH WOW to it .

Ha ha what I  thought about you and what you have turned out to be Vasu….., he says and gets up from the sofa on which he had warming up his butt .


‘Mad ass ’Vasu says and pours tea for both of them .While bringing his tea to the living room ,Veer who is now standing at entrance of his house bids his final good bye to him .To which , Vasu smiling nodes at him .

Meera who watches  the funny jugalbandhi  between two beautiful men  ,  this forces her  to throw  the dish   cloth on her dear hubby Vasu .Vasu who could feel the wet cloth  been thrown at him from behind slightly smiles at himself .After finishing his ginger tea  he goes inside the kitchen to wash his cup .After washing his cup Vasu looks at his wife through   his hooded eyes .Meera who is checking stocks of vegetables inside the refrigerator  suddenly feels Vasu warm hands  wrapping her waist and his mouth nuzzling her neck .Meera turns  her face towards him , kissing Vasu ‘s lips  she queers “What made  you break Veer’s heart so cruelly ?”Because his heart will break into several pieces as you….. know why ?. Shutting the door of refrigerator  by Vasu helping her to get up on the toes.

‘Chalo let’s go a long drive Mrs .Vasu ’ he says with a wink while easing off the crams from her feet  as she was not use to sitting crossed legged for half a hour . 

‘Yes let’s go .. as it has been long time since we  have gone out like this  for spending some quality time with each other ’Meera says and  gives him sly  grin.

He too smiles at her as he is reminded of their love making days on sandy beaches and while they stuck in silly traffic of Mumbai especially in Sardar .Vallabhbhai .Patel .Road .

They  leave home after quickly getting  dressed up for the long drive  and by carrying necessaries food supplements with them .After travelling a distance , they find Veer and Vandana fighting on the road .Vasu slaps his forehead and get’s off his car followed by Meera muttering a cruse under her breath regarding Veer’s choice .

What happened fools ?Vasu asks .Welcome to the real world buddy ,Vasu says by patting Veer’s back after he hears whatever Vandana said to him.

Now Veer was in tears .Wiping his tears Vasu says tenderly “Veer , office romances  are fake romances because cooperates are meant for selfish people who have  some extra-circular activities like this he said pointing out the guy standing next to Vandana and not for sincere people like us who think work is worship and so know realize why I was telling you to leave Vandana .People like Vandana who share things with you  ,won’t share you with anybody else even mom as they don’t want to adjust because now Madame  is working in a MNC,  which changes the look of any person who enters it .”

Veer looked at Vasu and Meera with enquiring glances that which Meera understands   .With unblushing grin she says ‘Veer ,Vasu and I were eccentric people so we could survive well amidst chaos ’.Veer simply nodes at them and get away with them  by making  Vandana feel embarrassed and helpless with need .Meera  suddenly turns  herself around and says “Better Luck Next Time Vandana darling , But haan it was …Nice Try  to break our hearts  ”.

Vandana meekly smiled at her words  as Meera was pitted in love once by her very own brother Vikrant .

Seeing the backs and  their ways to coy Veer to normalcy she looking at the sky  wishes that every family should have a brother cum friend like Vasu and Meera .


“No matter how much successful    are we  , but our heart  are simple though it looks soft and  complicated .”∼Anonymous 

With lots of Love

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