Kiara’s non plus for her Parents and brother

Today  my lovely Kiara has completed 10 years  finally  , Meera says to her friends while the clinging  their glasses .“Hmm as new year round the corner I wish to give non plus  to my parents especially Mom this  2016”Kiara thinks and cuts the  coconut cake with pineapple frosting  in it.

Two hours before the party, Vasu’s ex girlfriend Shirley had come to see her with a gift  .But ….she had refused to take it because  she  had started insulting Ma in  a indirect way  by making her feel  low . And once Shirley left the picture  ,Kiara sees Vasu raising  his voice and hands to slap Meera. Meera who is in state of shock decides to leave them immediately .But ….then she is being stopped by Kiara’s loving hands  and eyes pleading  .


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Kiara who silently cuts the coconut cake with pineapple frosting on it   collapses suddenly in front of her parents ,brother Tejas  and  the guests  who have come for the party .Meera’s heart beat stops for a moments and Vasu ‘s body freezes .Suddenly numbness dawns  upon them .But  the guest and her son with their presence of mind   ,they take Kiara to their residence which is behind the party hall.The party hall  look cool and awesome as it was decorated by Christmas tress with florescent lamps  all over the place until Ms Kiara collapsed .

Suddenly Meera starts crying like a baby and faints on the ground .Vasu who stabilizes himself some how  forcibly walks towards Meera .Lifting his dear wife Meera up  he slowly walks towards his residence .Once inside his living room ,he puts her down on a sofa and falls on her .In meantime Kiara’s brother decides to treat her by himself and calls  his  doctor friends for help in this regard  .

While treating Kiara , suddenly he hears Shirley yelling ‘Vasu………..’.But then Tejas did not come out from Kiara ′s room and continues  treating Kiara …

This made Shirley and  the  guests a  little perturbed about his behaviour ,and then…. one of the guest tried to intervene in this matter  .But Tejas stopped him by saying “Its our family  matter ”and just glares at Shirley as if  he is  demanding  an answer for this situation.Shirley quietly gets away  from the place  because  ‘She does not have an answer to this  situation which she forcible puts on them ’ .“As she hates Meera a lot because she is great person … a multi tasking queen  and due to this impossible good quality she  is successful in whatever she dos but she ….Shirley did not  posses any such quality and due to this she the great madame Shirley fails to achieve anything  in life”.

After Shirley and other guests leave , Tejas  tries waking up  his father lovely .Slowly and Steadily Vasu’s eyes flickers a lot  and he opens his eyes. Immediately he tries to get his weight off Meera’s slender body ,kissing her forehead he wished  that Meera opens her eyes .Eventually Meera open her eyes and shouts ‘Kiara ’ her daughter’s name  aloud ,Tejas slowly pats her arms  and tries to frame a sentence ‘ Errr…………..Ma …..umm hmmm’ , but before he could make a statement  Kiara comes out ‘crying ’to the living room all off a sudden .A pair of six eyes stare at her , looking at their faces   she exclaims ‘ What is happening with me these day !’.

Tejas laughed  out loud and hugs her tightly ,to this Kiara gives him a puzzled look and asks him ‘What′s wrong with you Tejas Dada ?’.Tejas does not respond to her  query but secretly vows that he would take care of his sister and HIS Parents .

Suddenly Kiara shouts “I  have got a non plus for parents and you …Tejas Dada ”and runs towards her room to get her non plus .Within minutes she arrives and  gives her non plus to all.

Meera beckons her  to come along with her for watching a movie  called  ‘Chhotta Bheem aur Krishna’

While they were watching “Chhota Bheem”, Vasu finally hugs his son and his friends  in private by thanking them  ‘Sonny aur  uske dostooin  , thank you so so very much all  of you for saving our Kiara ′s life ’.

Tejas and his friends chorused happily  “All that happens is for good ”.

With Lots of Love

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