Book Review of ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’ by Ravi Subramanian



OK Guys, Today the book review of ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’ will be done by the characters that have played a vital role in this book.

They are:

Character 1: Hi Guys!  I am Aditya Kapoor a CEO of National bank , a  bestseller who has written many bestselling novels but his life changes And today I am going to highlight that .as  we (The Characters   get down  to pen a review for this book .

Character 2: Hi all I am Maya Kapoor, The great bestseller‘s strong and independent spouse who take care of all the households responsibilities with ease by spoiling him.

Character 3 : Hi my name is Shreya , I am an ambitious person who has guts to  stoop so  low  in order to achieve  her desired goals  .

Character 4: Hi Guys, I am Sanjay and I am Aditya‘s buddy from IIM Bangalore.

Character 5: Hi, Myself Ms Diana .Sanjay‘s girlfriend and we are planning to get hitched up very soon.

Character 6: Hi, my name is Melvin .Shreya‘s mate from IIM Bangalore.

Character 7: Hi all, Myself Suniana Shreya‘s best friend from IIM Bangalore.

Character 8: Hi folks, I am Dr. Krishnan the Superintendent of a hospital where Maya Kapoor was admitted and Aditya Kapoor‘s well wisher

By using all of us   ‘The Best Seller She Wrote ’was made by Ravi Subramanian our maker ……..

We all gave a brief introduction about us .Now comes the part were the owner of this book’s ……The owner of the book wants to be ‘Anonymous’. Respecting her feeling , So we have named her as X  is going to ask one question to each one of us  for which we are going answer  it now .While we answer the questions honestly. You all will get a brief idea of the book ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’ by reading the Goodreads blurb.

Conversation with Ms X

Ms X: Character 1, you being a bestseller and an ideal husband, father and son- in -law how could you get attracted towards some nemesis called ‘Shreya’?

Character 1: Maya, delusion of being successful and over smart.

Ms X:  Character 2, Please tell me are you really that strong and independent lady and how can you trust a person easily who has broken your heart?

Character 2: Yes, I am strong and independent but my dear….Genuineness    also comes into account.

Ms X: Character 3, what is your specialty and why you are behind a bestseller?

Character 3: Ambitious to achieve.  ‘Jo mein chahoon woh mein paa hoon’

Ms X:  Character 4, Why are pinning up Character 2 instead of helping Character 1?

Character 4: Because of some weakness. Those which the world should not get to know.

Ms X :  Character 5, your specialty please

Character 5: Hmm….. To Mediate

Ms X: Character 6, your specialization?

Character 6: To Write

Ms X: Character 7, Best friends stay to protect each other from the other wises of the world what is your take on this?

Character 7: Shrugs her shoulders in upward direction.

Ms X: Character 8, What did find in Character 1‘s persona

Character 8: Charm and Sincerity

Thank you dear Characters for the honest replies… Ms X

Our pleasure ma‘am

Now comes the finally part of reviewing our maker‘s book. So then…Let‘s start with it .Chalo……

The Bestseller She Wrote  by Ravi Subramanian is a good reads book .Our maker has weaved all of us in an articulate  manner .The language and flow of the story  is ‘Lucid ‘and ‘Amazing. Love it .But….the book has some flaws.

1.Character 1 ‘s mixed reactions  about Character 1‘s love for Character 2.When Character 2 is hospitalized instead of feeling sympathetic , it  made us feel  a little weird as Character 2 was battling for her life there

2. Character 1‘s speech  on Character 3 ‘s book launch made the owner of this  book laugh  a loud  because if he had been  genuinely feeling guilty, then Character 1  would have  himself tried  harder  to get Character 2 back into his life not by using via….. Business. But then by the Character 1‘s speech it is clear that all strong women in this world have a soft spot for people like Character 1.

Over the entire book is recommended read .So do not miss reading this book as it is good read.

Grab a copy guys!

“Mr. .Ravi Subramanian  you are a great piped piper of your books .I wish to see you write a novel on ‘Pure Romance ’that would energize every one being on this earth  by helping them to look at  things differently  …………….”With lots of love The Characters


Thank you characters, for the wonderful introduction, analysis, conversation and review.

 Lovely job Guys !

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6 thoughts on “Book Review of ‘The Bestseller She Wrote’ by Ravi Subramanian

    1. Oh Yeah! 🙂 .I love watching Lion King , The Ice Age and Toy Story 2 kind of movies and so… one day while watching The Ice age a thought of my characters writing a book review crossed through my mind. So. Later on …I used this concept while writing a review for this book ‘THE BESTSELLOR SHE WROTE ‘.
      Happy 2016 !
      Thanks for stopping by Alana .

    1. Thank you Shilpa 🙂 All though I not a Ravi Subramains fan , but when I saw this book getting great reviews. Iwanted to know , what is there in this book and when an opporunity knocked at my door I grabbed it and so I decided to review this book .But….like you I too did not climax of story .Actually Ravi Subramanian failed to create a magic with his romantic intrigue, it is a one time read book .All I can say
      Thanks for dropping in Shilpa 🙂
      Happy New Year !

    1. Very True 🙂 .I always wanted to write one and got the chance to do so via this book.This book is one time read (good).
      Thanks for stopping by Catchats .
      Happy 2016!

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