Meera Weds Vasu Part 19


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So….how do you  feel to have short wavy hair  now .I  am feeling quiet relieved , as in “Because of my thin hair , I  had lost all the confidence that I  had  but now….I  am happy  now  for taking such a huge step and cutting off my unwanted hair ”Meera said smiling happily at the hair stylist while paying his fees .

Vasu who is busy working on his laptop leaves a low whistle. Lifting  his head  he lazily trails his fingers on the table  as Meera approaches his table to show her new style .He simply  pulls her onto  his lap  and caresses her hair ,this makes her feel dazed with desire . But then ….suddenly when she hears  the foot steps of his daughter ‘Little Baby Deena ’ they break apart .Hello Aunty Ma , how do you do today ?she queered .

‘Fine Beta ’ she says while taking out a piece of cloth to do embroidery work on it . Aunty Ma, did you go for hair cut  today .

Yes sweetie , how does it look ? Meera asked her by kneeling down to Little Baby Deena’s level….

‘Cool ….and soft’ Little Baby  Deena  said by babbling to get the words correct .But then suddenly Meera felts Vasu’s soft and juicy lips on her head from behind and it felt so right then .This makes her smile and she without turning her head she kisses his daughter Little Baby Deena‘s forehead as a mark of ‘Thanking him’ for the kind caresses .

With Lots of Love

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