Character Visualization Exercise No 1: ‘Ladies Chatter At A Mall ‘

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Character Visualization is an art .Often we see a scene in a pubic place or movie we automatically visualization ourselves as a part of a Scene or Person .

This is thing people like teachers ,friends and other term as ‘Day Dreaming ’ or  ‘Dreamer ’..There may be a lot of words in dictionary that define ‘Character Visualization’  as ……………. What I  do not exactly.But according to           it is “ To engage in psychological visualization with regard to (pain or a body process, for example).”

So….I  thought why not start day dreaming about something , this will explore scales and level that our imagination  can travel and so…  I  have started a section called ‘Character Visualization Prompt ‘ Here every Sunday I  will be giving a prompt to write upon .All are welcome to join in this .The door for prompt will open up to Wednesday 6 pm  .There is  no inlinkz for this .All you have to do is  post your stories on my Facebook page Short Stories of Vasu and Meera and Quotes  So lets start …

The stories can be of any length ….Only the thoughts matter .


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        Ladies Chatter At A Mall

Oh boy this perky ladies are here I  better leave  this , Andy a celebrated story teller  mutters to himself . As he navigates through the by lanes of a Mall, his eyes falls on a  the  table where   three socialite ladies were having their  share of  ‘chai’ along with some biscuits .The place is quiet dingy .Andy passed from there to the parking slot which is adjustcent to the mall.

Excuse me! Excuse me ! Andy exclaimed by pulling out the vehicle from the parking slot to the main road .Once on the streets  , The  chatter of three socialite ladies starts  “Hey look, the story teller is  all set to rock the show   here its seems ” Babbitta  in a grey coloured shift dress said looking in that direction  .“Nah re ! It seems like his picky mom , girlfriend and sister  are in mood  to shop all day long , so the poor story teller has no  other option left before him  ….and so  he is  has come here   ”Leesha in purple dress  commented spontaneously to Babbitta remarks .Amya in pink kurti  giggles at both and says “Bother !, why the hell are we discussing about the story teller and his family” All of them laughed at Amya′s words .So lets talk about Mrs. Sakuja′s latest affair with Mr. Verma……,Leesha said joyously .

“Lee , are you  aware of the fact that we have become butt of Mrs .Sakuja′s temper tantrums  ”Babbitta said mockingly .

Oh miss Lal Fateh Chand! , why are you so  quiet ?Babbitta and Leesha repeated quired looking at Amya .

‘Shut up  you both ! I love the story teller and I  going home ’Amya says these things irritatedly and walks away from them .“Yeah Yeah specy girl , don′t you know how are English teacher Jaggu the story teller aunt  spoke to us when we could not write a story  properly remember………..”They all yelled this to her without feeling perturbed as to what the world outside would think about them and their behaviour in public  .

Finishing their tea and snacks which they had ordered for all , they left the table feeling….a little  worried about Amya‘s behaviour today as Mrs. Sakuja is story teller ′s mother  and Leesha hated him a lot .Crossing the street , he catches  Leesha gaze and his breath gets hitched   as he sees her eyes blazing with desire for him But……the wise Babbitta who watches the   ever changing behaviour pattern of each of her friends understand their feeling and keeps quiet .

Around Nine o clock “You know what girls , you both love the story teller in own way ”. She whatsapped this  message to Amya and Leesha and went to sleep with her soul mate Vinnie – the pooh toy .


With Lots of Love

Author N




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