Meera Weds Vasu Part 21


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Hello Meer,How are you darling  ?.Vasu asked nonchalantly. Deena who is playing volley ball  with her  says “She is fine ”.Haan…..who is saying and behalf of whom dear Vasu asks her ruefully .

OK,Yeah Yeah  Deena said thumping her ball in disgust .Sir….. so what  if she answers ?Meera queers .So….what if she answers ,Hmm and you calling me ‘Sir’ .Can′t you please forgive me for the mistakes done knowingly  as well as unknowingly hmm and“ today being Makar Sankranti don′t you feel the need to change your attitude towards me and live life happily with me ?”Vasu enquires tersely.

Stunned Meera could not utter any single word because she is  too very proud about her attitude and generosity.But…..his words stung her like a bee ′s sting  and then … she squeezes the shoulder of her damaged hero with tears in her eyes and whispering “Sorry ” “Sorry” with her head  buried on his chest and her arms wrapped around his waist she cries aloud .

Caressing her  head , Vasu says “I  love you  sweetheart ”and kisses her forehead.

Suddenly ….he hears a chorus of people wishing each other ‘Happy Makar Sankranti’

And this day like sun moves from one place to other ,their life ′s also  begin with new  hope and renowned zest.

With Lots of Love

Author N




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