Character Visualization Exercise no :2 ‘Painter and Muse ‘

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O.K. so  from   last Sunday I  started with  “ Character Visualizations prompts”  ‘a section where I  will give a prompt based on which you all have write a story ’.For more details regarding this  please read the previous  post on  Character Visualization Exercise No 1: ‘Ladies Chatter At A Mall ‘.



Painter and Muse 

Andy is a  young celebrated  painter  who  paints outline of a  women ′s body by asking his muse to pose ‘nude ’  for him in his studio  .His hungry for nude women did not subside until  his eyes  falls on simple  lady  having rich taste   called ‘Babita’.In fact all his muse were delighted  to work  with  him .

The day when his eyes set on a ‘Babita’  his world turns upside down .From that  movement he becomes a ‘Jogi’ and dreams  about his and Babita′s forever relationship.

One day while Andy started   giving  the final touches   to his latest  canvas  about “A Women in Despair ”.At that time he hears a couple of  knocks at the door of his studio. Opening the door of his studio , his eyes are shocked to see ‘Babita ’standing there. Instead of welcoming her inside , he kisses her lips passionately .This sudden onslaught makes her shiver a lot as she did not know what  to do then Babita gives rein to her emotions and respond to his kisses instantaneously  as  her hands works upon the button  of his shirt and then Babita throws it down the floor .When she rests her head on his chest .Caressing and rocking her Andy says “Babita darling be my forever muse as my heart , home and studio are waiting for you since a very long time”.To this  she just smiles at him and poses accordingly to his will . 


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