Meera’s Magical Moment



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Meera stared at the sunset falling on the water by sitting on the bed of the   ‘Marine Drive ’ beach ….Her thudded aloud at Vasu′s words .In fact her mind replayed all his say in a jiffy and his attitude towards her started degrading .Vasu once lifted his hands in front of Kiara on her 10 th birthday .Basically …he started  changing because his ex haunted him on and off  .

But….Meera keeps quiet because she understands his feeling and him…..very well .

So she decides to leave Vasu forever as she did not want to make her feel like burden to him. But what about her kids and him ?Off late his health is giving way as in due his improper diet  Vasu’s body  often  gets prone  to  cold and cough  infection .And her  children would be at each other nerves .

Sighing at this very thought, she turns back and marches towards her home by offering her prostration to the setting sun.

 But then…when she reaches her beautiful and sweet home. Meera is welcomed with Vasu’s warm hug that which she always yearned for.


Vasu releasing her out of his warm embrace with tears filling up in his eyes, he says “Meer don’t do ever think of leaving me like this   , as life without is a complete waste “.

Meera smiles at him and wraps herself around him as it is the ‘magical moment’ of her life.

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