Character Visualization Exercise No 3 : Love , Admiration and Sex

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Andy loved the way in which she posed for his  innumerable paintings . To this date Andy had won many National and International awards ,but then  this was possible due to Babita ′s hard work .

Today being a Sunday he takes Babita out .As they reach the Aaksa Beach ,Andy pulls her into his arms and hugs her .Babita loves the feel of his arm and eyes  and  without having any second thoughts  she unbutton his shirt efficiently and thrusts herself closer to him,  Andy′s admiration for this simple and bold Babita increase day by day in everyday because she  could see ‘the true Andy’.

Babita……….he simply says .Hearing her own  name over and over from his mouth  warms her heart .She  feels ecstatic and asks him  “Will you marry me Andy ?”

Andy does not reply then .Later on  with his punishing and passionate kisses ,Andy answers her .Babita  feels so  very very happy that  makes her mind  feel dazed in love and then with great admiration for her  man in her eyes .   Babita pushes him down on the sand and she fall on him and plays with his body by touching each part with her soft fingers. She slowly touches his head ,eyes ,ears nose , neck , shoulders , torso ,arms , chest , heart , stomach when she comes  towards  his  belly button ,Babita peering on herself on the elbow  kisses it with her tongue by igniting the fire in him .Andy started to  feel like Painter’s muse .Unable to control the fire  building within him ,Andy rolls over Babita and takes her thing away in a jiffy  .

Babita leaves out a huge sigh .

With tears in eyes Babita says  “I want live  forever with  you , Andy for the love , admiration and sex  that you have provided me with ”.To this he hugs her tightly .

To participate in this exercise please read the link  given below for guideliness

Character Visualization Exercises : Guidelines

With lots of love

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